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15 April 2018 | in Winter Universiade

FISU makes first technical site visit to Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade sports venues

The preparatory works for the 2021 Winter Universiade in Lucerne, Central-Switzerland is picking up speed; this week the International Technical Sub-Committee of the Winter Universiade (CTI-UH) visited the Winter Universiade 2021 host city and sports venues of the for the first time


LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND – Organisers from the capital regional city and sport venues that will play centre stage to the world’s finest winter sports student-athletes in 2021 for the 30th Winter Universiade demonstrated the progress they have made to the FISU Technical Committee Chairs of the concerned sports this past week. All told, all seven sports competition venues and the host city itself were part of the inspection visit making for an intensive but very productive visit for all particants. 



The three-day working visit kicked-off with Lucerne 2021 organisers presenting their innovative concept situated around Central Switzerland with six different venues centred around the host city of Lucerne, with Biathlon set to take place in Lenzerheide, Canton of Graubünden.


FISU First-Vice President Leonz Eder presenting during kick-off meeting on day one of the three day working visit to the Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade venues 

During this initial presentation, FISU First Vice-President and Managing Director of the Swiss University Sport Federation (SUS) Leonz Eder emphasised the federation’s strong commitment to the project. The initial presentation was completed by a tour through the host city for all CTI Members, which ended with a reception in the regional parliament hosted by the President of the Canton Lucerne and of the Association of the Winter Universiade 2021, Guido Graf.



Fruitful venue visits

On the second day of the inspection the experts from the CTI Committee visited the different venues and exchanged their thoughts with the responsible personnel on site. CTI Member for Cross-Country Skiing Zofia Kielpinska was impressed by the spectacular landscape in Andermatt-Realp and indicated the necessary steps to ensure that the venue delivers the fantastic Cross-Country competitions that can be staged there in 2021.


Inspection in the valley of Urseren, which will be the home of the Cross-Country competitions 

Ondrej Rybar (CTI Member Biathlon) met with the experienced organisers of Biathlon competitions in Lenzerheide and addressed the possibilities on how to best involve the biathletes in the Universiade programme, as they won’t stay in the host city like the other athletes.


CTI Members Ola Sundekvist and Magnus Ferry inspect the slopes in Engelberg-Titlis with Lucerne 2021 Sport Director Karl Lustenberger, Peter Reinle from the cable car company and local OC President Dierk Beisel 

Magnus Ferry (CTI Member Freestyle Skiing) and Ola Sundekvist (CTI Member Snowboard) inspected the Ski Resort Engelberg Titlis to find the best solutions for attractive Snowboard and Freestyle Skiing events while Matjaz Kranjc (CTI Member Alpine Skiing) visited the ski resort Hoch-Ybrig where the Alpine Skiing competitions are planned to take place.



Familiar Faces at the ice venues

For the Ice Hockey CTI Member, Reto Bertolotti, the venue visit was virtually a home game, as the Swiss knows the local stadia of Sursee and Zug very well. Jeanette Johnston, CTI Member Curling, visited the multisport complex Sporting Park in Engelberg, where the Curling competition will be held on the ice hockey rink. The skaters won’t have to travel far – the Short Track and Figure Skating competition venues are just a five-minute bus drive away from the city center of Lucerne. CTI Member Figure Skating, Marie Lundmark, and György Martos ISU Technical Delegate Short Track, met with familiar faces at their inspection as they have a very positive history of working together with the appointed Competition Managers Diana Barbacci (Figure Skating) and Roland Maillard (Short Track) from previous sports events.



Definition of the next steps

FISU and Lucerne 2021 meet in front of the host city's iconic chapel bridge On the third day the work continued at round-table meetings by Sport as well as working meetings concerning different topics such as ICT, Accreditation and Medical Services. During these meetings the next steps that should be taken were defined.



In the final meeting the Chair of the CTI Committee Roger Roth summed up the findings of the inspection visit: “We have some challenges ahead of us, which is normal three years ahead. But the important conclusion of this venue visit is that we have a strong team and a good fundament for the organisation of the Universiade. Therefore, I am convinced that we are able to organise amazing games together with the Lucerne 2021 organising committee.”


Reception at the parliament with the President of the Canton Lucerne and the Association Winter Universiade Lucerne 2021, Guido Graf 

During the inspection visit’s closing stages, Winter Universiade 2021 Managing Director Urs Hunkeler thanked the CTI Committee for their important work in complementing the Lucerne 2021 team as they successfully progress towards the event so that in three years’ time he will be able to say: “Welcome home!” as Switzerland hosts its first Universiade since the winter event’s second edition took place in Villars in 1962.


 Contributing source: Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade