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12 July 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Other Events, Summer Universiade, Multisports

Argentina will host 2016 South American University Games


GWANGJU – Gwangju lives now a phenomenal sport environment in which also several meetings are carried out and decisions are taken.

Emiliano Ojea, President of the Argentine University Sports Federation (FeDUA), through the South American University Sports Confederation (COSUD) made the proposal to get Argentina as host of the South American University Games and the proposal was successfully approved, then presented it to FISU America’s regions that includes 21 countries. The games can count of the support from FISU through FISU America.

FISU President Gallien with FeDUA President Emiliano Ojea

From 22-27 May, 2016, the South American University Games will be held in Buenos Aires. All South American countries can participate and take part in 10 disciplines, i.e. Football, Futsal, Basketball 3x3, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis, Swimming and a number of individual sports. It is estimated that the event will be attended by some 1,000 to 1,500 participants.

Argentina foresees a regional integration through sport and education, therefore also during the games cultural events are going to be held for all students to get to know the most important places of Buenos Aires, among many other things. The idea is to implement training seminars, sports, educational and cultural events as everything that FISU promotes and that they completely adhere.

"Argentina is very proud to host these games, we saw here in Gwangju how the delegations of South America, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, brought more than 100 athletes, Colombia grew a lot, and Brazil is a stronghold in South America. We saw that all delegations are growing and the truth is that it is an honor to host such a huge and important event. What is happening here in Gwangju is amazing. We are touring all the places were the disciplines in which athletes compete to try to replicate the same and to have the same quality of FISU events, the same repercussion, communication and image. We are looking for high goals and we want to broadcast the games in an Argentine state channel. We want the games to be a success and a nice encounter for everybody, but also we want to cooperate with the development of university sport in South America. In South America, University students do not know about FISU, including our 120 representatives got to learn about its existence in the election process, thus we want the games to serve as an installer of the FISU brand in the whole Americas. Argentina wants and is able to organize and host big events”, said Emiliano Gordin, FeDUA’s Manager of Communications and Institutional Relations, Assistant manager of the Argentinian delegation.


Karen Quintero (COL), FISU Young Reporter