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05 May 2017 | in NUSF News

FeDUA goes On Air



BUENOS AIRES - The Argentine University Sports Federation (FeDUA) went ‘On Air’ as it has its own radio programme, led by two student-athletes, members of the Argentinean University Selections Handball and Tennis.

Cynthia Soja, Handball Player and Agustín Vampa, Tennis Player, lead ‘LEADERS TOMORROW’, a radio programme about Argentinean University Sport.

The initiative emerged from the student-athletes commission of the Federación de Deportes Universitarios Argentinos, formed by a representative of each of the disciplines in which FeDUA is developed and in which participants discuss and propose different lines of action to be transmitted to the Board of Directors in order to put it into practice.

The name of the programme is related to the FISU slogan ‘Today`s Stars, Tomorrow Leaders’ and the objective is to put in the agenda and to spread the great amount of activity and information related to University Sport across the country.

‘Leaders Tomorrow’ is broadcast every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on RadioyPunto, an online radio located in the neighbourhood of Las Cañitas (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and can be heard at www.radioypunto.com or downloading the free APP of the radio available on Android and IOS.

“We are proud to be a university sports federation with its own radio programme. Besides, it is an initiative of the student-athletes of our NUSF", FeDUA President Emiliano Ojea commented.

During the first programme, student-athletes interviewed the President of FISU America, Alim Maluf Neto (Brazil). They also had a chat with the FeDUA’s secretary, Mariano Nieto and FeDUA President Emiliano Ojea. The full audio can be heard online via this link: http://radioypunto.com/tag/deporte-universitario/



(Source: FeDUA)