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28 September 2013 | in Winter Universiade, Multisports

WU2013 HOD meeting, final day

The final session of this HOD meeting in Trento


TRENTO – Today, 28 September was the third and final day of the Heads of Delegations meeting in Trentino. Traditionally, this session was devoted to questions and answers as well as the team draws for the ice hockey and curling tournaments at the upcoming Winter Universiade.

The questions were quite numerous and mainly concentrated on areas such as transport or housing which is actually quite normal taken into consideration the particular configuration for this Universiade with its division into different groups depending on the sports. “When and how will the hotels be designated to the delegations? What is the space allocated to the Head of Delegation? What are the facilities offered to the medical staff? Will there be one or more centers for accreditation? Will accreditation be done online? Can athletes practice with temporary accreditation cards? What are the opening hours of the accreditation center?” All questions for which the Organising Committee gave specific answers. The questions and answers will also be sent very quickly to all participating countries to provide the most complete information possible and to anticipate a maximum of possible problems. The delegates were reminded how important it is to inform the OC as soon as possible regarding special requests and meeting deadlines.


Neil James Rogers HOD of Great Britain


Kairis ULP, Chair of the Committee for the Supervision of the Winter Universiade thanked the OC for its excellent work during these three days with the heads of delegation.

Sergio Anesi, OC President took the opportunity to make an appointment with all delegates in two months for a Universiade which promises to be very exciting.

Team Draw

The team draws could then take place under the direction of Robert Philip, Vice-Chair of the Technical Committee for the Winter Universiade.

You will find the results of the draw here