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30 July 2017 | in NUSF News, Multisports

The University Paralympic Games begin in São Paulo, Brazil

Organised by the Brazilian University Sports Confederation (CBDU) and the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB), the events showcase the importance of combining university sports with the parasport world


The University Paralympic Games opened this week at the Paralympic Training Center in São Paulo, Brazil. The athletes who participated in the competition, as well as the president of the Brazilian University Sports Confederation (CBDU), Luciano Cabral, the president of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB), Mizael Conrado, and the governor of the State of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, were present at the ceremony.


 CBDU President Luciano Cabral opening the event last Thursday

During the opening ceremony, Luciano Cabral highlighted the importance of bringing the environment of university sports into the environment of the parasport.


“We are here today fulfilling our role of realizing not only these Games, but, from here, create a platform of the sport practiced within the university environment, just as we do with conventional sport,” Cabral said. “This is how a country, a society is formed, investing in education and using sport as a tool for building these professionals”.


The CBDU president talked about the partnership with CPB. “Our slogan, ‘Stars Today, Leaders Tomorrow’ talks about the stars we just welcomed here, our Paralympic medalists, who are university athletes, and tomorrow will be people forged inside the academy to lead our country. This is the spirit of CBDU, which we share with CPB, from the beginning of a process of offering the practice of university sports for students with disabilities, whether with participation or high performance, also inside the universities”.


CPB President Mizael Conrado also highlighted the partnership. "This is a great edition, and I compliment Luciano for the partnership, with very clear goals and in common, between these two organizations”.

From the Opening Ceremonies of the University Paralympic Games


After the Opening Ceremony, the organizing committee realized the functional classifications. Competitions take place on Friday and Saturday, between 8am and 6pm, also at the Paralympic Training Center.


The University Paralympics Games are an achievement of the Brazilian University Sports Confederation (CBDU) and the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB), with the participation of 200 athletes from 21 states in the sports of boccia, judo, table tennis, athletics, swimming and parabadminton.

University para athletes in action in Brazil