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31 May 2016 | in Winter Universiade, Multisports

The 1,000-day Countdown to the 2019 Winter Universiade Will Begin on 05 June

LAUSANNE - June the 5th will mark the beginning of the 1,000-day countdown to the start of the 29th Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019. Events dedicated to this occasion will be held throughout the city all day long.

The Expo-Pavilion of the Universiade will open its doors on Tatyshev Island for the second year in a row and will be cheering up Krasnoyarsk citizens and guests with various interesting projects, games and contests. Early joggers will be able to try the health cocktail in the Pavilion, which has become a good tradition.

On 05 June, Tatyshev Park will host a big sports celebration for Krasnoyarsk citizens. It is planned to arrange an educational tour of the WU venues on this day for the school students who took an active part in the project entitled 'Lessons of the 2019 Winter Universiade' and successfully did their homework. They will get a tour of the venues which are currently under construction and the ones which are already finished. They will  visit 'Arena Sever' Multifunctional Sports Complex, which is reserved to host short track and figure skating competitions during the 2019 Winter Universiade. They will then embark on an entertaining walk around All-Season Sports and Entertainment Park 'Fun Park Bobrovy Log', which is being prepared to host alpine skiing competitions during the WU by Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical Company, the General Partner to the Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019. 52 school students altogether will take part in this event.


The highlight of the day will be the launch of the 2019 Winter Universiade countdown clock. The clock will be counting down the time to the WU Opening Ceremony, which is to take place on 2 March 2019. This clock will be synchronized with the World Time Server. Let us point out that it is an established tradition in all capitals of major international events to install the countdown clock before the event. This clock will become another WU art installation and city sight.

The day will be concluded with an unusual concert at the Big Concert Hall. Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Lande together with the sportsmen of the Extreme Sports Centre will present a programme within the new project entitled Extreme Classics. The first part will take place on Mira Square in front of the Territorial Philharmonic Hall, and will start off with an incredible fire performance, and the second part will take place at the Big Concert Hall. The spectators will witness head-spinning stunts performed by the sportsmen on the bikes, skateboards and roller skates to popular classical compositions. The WU sites will be set up in the entrance hall of the Big Concert Hall, allowing all who are interested to learn about the WU, take part in quizzes and contests, as well as try their hand at sports fun activities.

The very next day, on 6 June, Krasnoyarsk will see the start of the Winter Congress 2016, an international event held annually since 2006. The Congress will take place at SIBERIA IEBC, gathering together the leading representatives of the winter sports industry.
A detailed event programme will be made available next week. Follow our updates to be the first to see it.


(Source: WU 2019 OC)