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19 August 2016 | in Summer Universiade, Multisports

Taipei 2017 Accreditation Process opens on D-365 Countdown



TAIPEI CITY – With exactly a year to go, the accreditation process for the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade has now opened, and the Accreditation and Entry Guidelines were released on 19 August. The event, which will take place from 19 to 30 August, will see about 12,000 delegation members from 150 countries. Taipei is ready to assist national university sport federations around the world for the event by accelerating their registration process through use of the guidelines.

Mr. Hao-Yu Tang, Deputy Director of the Accreditation Service Division indicated that 19 August marked the start of the 365-day countdown before the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade kicks off. It was also at that moment that the TUOC formally invited all participating countries to join this multi-sport festival. It is estimated that there will be about 12,000 delegation members from 150 countries participating in the event. In addition to sending out the official invitations, the TUOC, as the host of the Summer Universiade, will simultaneously provide the Accreditation and Entry Guidelines to the guest delegations for better preparation and efficiency in completing the registration process and taking the necessary steps and following norms. All of this demonstrates that the TUOC has effectively achieved the necessary steps leading up to the Universiade and is ready to welcome the arrival of all the delegations.

Delegations can use the online system to complete the step-by-step registration process. The TUOC has already constructed the operation plans of the four accreditation centres, with appropriate access areas and zoning, completed the accreditation procedures accommodating the various client groups, created the design of different types of accreditation cards, and is confident that the division can efficiently and effectively fulfil all of its responsibilities. 

The 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade will be the highest-ranking international multi-sport event that Chinese Taipei has ever held. Knowing this will be an historic event, Taipei City will prepare itself by ensuring that it has all the necessary infrastructure and technological capabilities to demonstrate the competitiveness and effectiveness of Taipei City and Chinese Taipei to the world.

You can visit the accreditation page here: http://2017.taipei/accreditation


(Source: TUOC 2017)