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27 May 2016 | in Summer Universiade, Multisports

SU 2019: Naples Close to Conclusion!

SALERNO - On May 27th, the FISU Steering Committee with the FISU-President Oleg Matytsin, First Vice-President Leonz Eder, Vice-Presidents Liguo Yang, Marian Dymalski and Leopold Senghor, Treasurer Bayasgalan Danzandorj, First Assessor Verena Burk and Secretary General/CEO Eric Saintrond met in Salerno (Italy) in order to discuss different issues and to meet with the Bidding Committee of the Candidate City of Naples for the Summer Universiade 2019.


In the morning session after the Welcome speech of the FISU President the situation of both Summer and Winter Universiades 2017 has been discussed by the Steering Committee as well as the WUC Programme for the future. Also CDSU Chair, Leonz Eder, informed about priorities in the FISU Development and EduC Cair, Verena Burk, gave an update of the FISU Educational programme, like the FISU Forum 2016 in Montpellier (France). The FISU Treasurer has also presented FISU financial statement.

 From left to right: Lorenzo Lentini, CUSI President, Fulvio Bonavitacola, Vice-President of the Campania Region, Oleg Matytsin, FISU President and Aurelio Tommasetti, President of the Salerno University


In the afternoon session the Candidate City Naples (Italy) presented to the members of the Steering Committee the concept for the Summer Universiade 2019. The final decision will be made by the Executive Committee until 30th of May.