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17 July 2013 | in Multisports, Summer Universiade

Round of Applause for the FISU Young Reporters!

The FISU Young Reporters at the Opening Ceremony

KAZAN – They probably drank too much coffee to stay a wake, skipped lunch a couple of the times and probably missed dinner often too, but the twelve young ‘journos’ who participated in the 2nd FISU Young Reporters’ Programme at the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan are unanimous as far as their experience goes: it was awesome!

When signing up for the YRP, they didn’t know what was coming at them… And, let’s be clear, their trip to Kazan certainly was not a holiday but rather a learning experience. While their mornings started with lectures and presentations by invited speakers from journalism schools and international sports federations but also by seasoned journalists, these young guns spent their afternoons and evenings at the sport venues chasing stories in the mixed zones and the press rooms. Their assignment: three human interest stories a day with the best published on the FISU website. And … you certainly liked their stories, judging by the number of visits of our website.

We grant them their closing quotes …

Lien CypersLien Cypers (BEL): The Summer Universiade and more specific the Young Reporters’ Programme have been absolutely outstanding. When I arrived in Kazan on the 4th of July, it was instantly clear that this event was way bigger than I ever expected it to be. I realised once more that it was a privilege to be here. The past two weeks were all about hard work and hanging out with some of the greatest people from all over the world. Professional as well as personal, it was an enrichment to be part of all of this and I couldn't be more grateful.”

Rendra Ardyansah Rendra Ardyansah (INA): “All of this is very far away from what I had imagined. This is my first time being involved in international sporting events. In addition, I not only met many colleagues from different parts of the world, but also received training from professional tutors with plenty of experience. I consider myself lucky to learn from them. They are very humble and willing to share. I really enjoy the thrill of being a sports journalist performing many duties. I hope this special experience will bring tremendous changes in my future career. Thanks FISU!”

Naomi MaNaomi Ma (TPE): "I enjoyed every single moment here at the Kazan Universiade. All the interviews I made with student-athletes, officials, and the lovely volunteers not only gave me good topics for my news reports, but also have broadened my horizon, and allowed me to see the world from a new angle.”

Thomas DullardThomas Dullard (AUS): "The Young Reporters' Program has been the most unbelievable experience and more beneficial for the development of my journalism than anything I have done in Australia. This was real life stuff, real life challenges with real dead lines. The Universiade has been much more than I expected, and I would not hesitate any budding journalist to get involved with FISU. It has been a phenomenal two weeks here in Kazan."

Matt TidcombeMatt Tidcombe (CAN): The YRP was a life changing experience. I have learned so much in the last two weeks that will help my sport journalism career tremendously in the future. The programme opened my eyes to how sport journalism is run on a daily basis through lectures and the excellent hand-on work we were required to do, while also receiving exceptional feedback about my work. I owe FISU so much for this opportunity and I truly am thankful for their support in making me a better person, and writer.”

Fabio De DominicisFabio De Dominicis (RSA): “The Young Reporters’ Programme organised by FISU was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. It gave us budding sports journalists the opportunity to rub shoulders with the best in the business, learning from accomplished journalists who have covered this beat for decades. Lectures covering all aspects of sports journalism were truly beneficial, while physically going out, interviewing athletes, coaches and the like gave us a true feel of how international sporting events operate, while allowing us to improve on our writing skills, network with people from across the globe and learn from the very best in the industry. A truly unforgettable experience indeed.”

Javier Morales BolivarJavier Morales Bolivar (ESP): “For first time in my life I have had to swim in the deep ocean of journalism, in a country abroad, watching unknown sports to me, finding stories, talking to people ... It has changed my conception of journalism. And I have also had the opportunity to live a magnificent event that everybody should know. Definitely, in these days I have grown as person.”

Ana VerottiAna Verotti (BRA): "I can't think of anything more appropriate to say rather than: it's been magnificent. Getting to know these amazing people from all parts of the world and having the chance to work and learn with them was much more than I could ask for my first experience as a Journalist. I know that I'll remember every second of this Young Reporters’ Programme and will be always proud for having been one of them."

Luana CruzLuana Cruz (BRA): Two weeks of intense knowledge, learning, exchange, discovery and fun. I leave here a different person. This was definitely the best experience of my personal and professional life.”


Ndeye Laroz FallNdeye Laroz Fall (SEN): Kazan was a wonderful and beneficial experience. I can say that I saw it was what I expected. It has allowed me to know that the sport is exciting. And I have more to continue my career as a sports journalist, I had many experiences in Kazan, I was able to discover other kinds of sports that I not had the opportunity to cover even though it was a little difficult. And at the same time I shared great moments with journalists who came from other countries. The experience was simply amazing.”


Leigh FergusonLeigh Ferguson (AUS): “This experience has been a unique chance to network with media representatives from around the globe, something which will no doubt help me in creating a future career in journalism. A highlight of the 2 week whirlwind has been getting to chat with people from countries I've never even heard of, and learn about the different cultures and languages around the globe. It was a challenging few weeks, but now I have a fantastic portfolio of work to show potential employers, and I have learnt valuable journalistic, interpersonal and networking skills to take with me into the future.”


Kelcey WrightKelcey Wright (CAN): “The Young Reporters’ Programme is better than I ever could have imagined. It was an unbelievable opportunity with great lectures, tutors, assignments and of course, sports! This has been an amazing experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. I don't want to go home, and I am already jealous of the next batch of young reporters that get to do this in two years. I can't say enough good things about the programme.”



U-Media in Kazan: the FISU Young Reporters' Programme with all participants and mentors

The twelve Young Reporters were chosen among more than 70 applicants worldwide. In Kazan they were joined by twelve of their Russian peers selected by the Organising Committee.


C. Pierre, Press Officer - Coordinator YRP