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25 April 2016 | in Winter Universiade, Multisports

Mayor of Almaty holds Working Meeting on Preparation of 2017 WU

ALMATY - Bauyrzhan Baibek noted that the Winter Universiade is a current driver for the development of the city’s economics. In the current difficult economic climate, the construction of sports venues creates jobs for the citizens. Around 50,000 people are involved in the preparation of the big sporting event. The venues of the Winter Universiade will create new centers of attraction in Alatau and Medeu, two districts of Almaty.

During the Winter Universiade, one of the key areas will be the safety of the participants and guests of the events. The Mayor requested the DIA and local police department with all relevant stakeholders to work out in details the terms of ensuring security during the preparation for the Winter Universiade.

After the meeting, the Mayor inspected the construction of the Universiade venues. According to the recent data, the preparation of these venues goes in accordance with the development plan and will be completed by September.

The Mayor also noted that hosting the Winter Universiade where more than 60 countries are involved will give a strong impetus to the further development of Almaty as a center of winter sports and international tourism cluster.

Almaty has to attract many tourists. They will come right after we create such culture. The development of tourism should become the philosophy and ideology of each resident of Almaty”, Mayor Bauyrzhan Baibek concluded.


(Source: Almaty 2017 OC)