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06 February 2013 | in Multisports, Winter Universiade

Kayseri, Candidate City for the 2019 Winter Universiade?

Meeting with the Governor

KAYSERI/LAUSANNE - The Turkish city of Kayseri has shown a great interest in hosting the Winter Universiade in 2019. Kayseri is situated in the middle of Anatolia. With a million inhabitants, it’s one of the Turkish cities which has prospered with an important economic growth this last decade. Moreover, Kayseri is also the home of Mount Erciyes, which peak reaches 3,917m above sea level and where substantial investments have been made for alpine ski facilities.

Meeting with the Mayor

At the invitation of FISU’s Turkish member association TUSF, the FISU Secretary-General/CEO Eric Saintrond visited Kayseri accompanied by a TUSF delegation composed of its President, FISU EC member Prof. Dr. Kemal Tamer; its Vice-President Dr. Atilla Pullur and its Secretary-General Erdogan Celbi. The visit started with an official meeting of the Governor of Kayseri Mevlüt Bilici, the mayor of the city Mehmet Özhaseki and the rector of the Erciyes University Prof. Dr. H. Fahrettin Kelestemur.

On the slopes

The authorities have confirmed their great interest to host the Winter Universiade, an interest that will be confirmed by TUSF in the upcoming weeks.

After Izmir in 2005 (SU) and Erzurum in 2011 (WU), Kayseri 2019 could be the third Universiade on Turkish soil.

Mount Erciyes

So far already three cities have shown great interest to host the 2019 WU, i.e. Krasnoyarsk (RUS), PyeongChang (KOR) and Kayseri (TUR), as well as the Canton of Valais (SUI), which amounts to four possible candidates.


C. Pierre, Press Officer