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15 May 2015 | in Summer Universiade, Multisports

Gwangju Universiade Countdown: Less than 50 Days to Go



GWANGJU - The Gwangju Universiade has begun its preparation efforts in earnest with a series of test events and the opening of the Main Operation Center (MOC). With the games less than 50 days away, the Gwangju Universiade Organizing Committee (GUOC) is conducting the final-stage inspections while getting ready to imprint the cultural aspects of Gwangju onto the hearts of the visitors. This is to promote the city brand of Gwangju and to fulfill the city's goal of boosting cultural synergy.

The GUOC is preparing various cultural events to let young people around the world to communicate with one another and experience the cultural aspects of Gwangju through the Gwangju Universiade's EPIC initiative (Ecoversiade, Peaceversiade, ITversiade and Cultureversiade).

With the backing of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Gwangju City, the GUOC has so far been trying to make the Universiade a nationwide event where people from all cities and provinces can easily take part.

The committee is devoting all energies into making the Universiade a grand cultural festival filled with energy and passion, which is well portrayed in the Universiade's official emblem of "Wings of Light."

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(Source: GUOC)