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24 August 2016 | in Summer Universiade, Multisports

D-365 Countdown Celebration for 2017 Taipei Universiade



TAIPEI CITY - For the 365 Days Countdown to Taipei Universiade carnival held on 20 August at the Taipei’s Citizens’ Square, the square was transformed into a small Universiade stadium. Visitors became athletes, trying their hand at the sports at 22 booths and Athletes’ Village training courses. The various distinctive country booths showed how next year’s 2017 Taipei Universiade will transform Taipei into a small global village.

Volunteers with Mayor Ko

The D-365 Countdown Ceremony was led by Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je. In his speech, Mayor Ko said that the Universiade is not just Taipei’s, it belongs to all of Chinese Taipei. The games will make Chinese Taipei better and let the world see Chinese Taipei. He said he believes that the games will be a great success and this belief shows his confidence in the 80,000 employees of the city government. Also, Taipei’s citizens represent a precious resource, the participation of volunteers and the strong support from enterprises showing the tremendous civil power in Chinese Taipei. He went on to say he hoped the games will bring people closer together. Convener of the Advisory Committee Ji Cheng, who is a Taipei track and field legend and was also an Olympic medalist in 1968, called on everyone to take part in this grand event that will be the largest sport event that Chinese Taipei has ever staged.

Chinese Taipei Cheerleading Association

With a splendid performance from Chinese Taipei Cheerleading Association on the stage, the cheerleaders also dancing together with the games ambassador Bravo; there was a captivating performance from the flamenco group Cuadro Flamenco Fuego Fantastico, gymnasts from Sanmin Elementary School performed, and there was a stunning human pyramid display by the students of National Taipei University of Education, all the performances impressing the audience. The exotic performances arranged by each city district office, the tribal belly dance, African drum dance and Southeast Asia folk dance by new immigrants, and performances by Xinyi Community University Chorus and Datong District Happy Mothers Dance Group, displayed exotic flavors from around the world and the charm of dance. There was also a performance by Nine One One, the pop group members interacting with Mayor Ko on stage and raising the level of excitement even higher.

Human pyramid display by the students of the National Taipei University of Education

On-site booth activities were extremely lively. Visitors rushed to the four booth areas to collect the stamps. When all the required stamps were collected they picked up various prizes. Good food from around the world could also be savored. To date, over 10,000 volunteers for the games have been recruited. 600 of them walked into Citizen’s Square carrying flags, creating an imposing scene; interacting with visitors through the oath-taking group dance, they invited everyone to join the ranks of Universiade volunteers. Mayor Ko presented an EasyCard especially for the use of volunteers to their representative. 100 volunteers also enthusiastic provided on-site service.

In the lucky draw, the department heads of the 2017 Taipei Universiade Organizing Committee drew prizes for lucky winners that included China Airlines tickets, Giant bicycles and other desirable prizes, together with citizens eagerly anticipating the start of the Universiade in just 365 days and counting.

D-365 Countdown Ceremony

The ceremony was also attended by the official representatives to Chinese Taipei of various countries, Taipei City councilors and other guests, including the representative of the central government Minister of Education, Pan Wen-zhong, New Taipei City Government Policy Adviser, Lin Yi-hua, Taoyuan City Government Secretary General, Li Xian-ming, Hsinchu County Government Bureau of Education Director, Liu Ming-chao, Hsinchu City Government Deputy Mayor, Shen Hui-hong, Universiade Advisory Committee Convener, Ji Cheng, and representatives from the counties/cities where games venues are located. Together they began the countdown of 365 days until the Universiade begins and all wishing that the games are a great success.

With the mobilization of Taipei City Government and the enthusiastic participation of citizens, the 365 Days Countdown to Taipei Universiade carnival was a great success. From now until the games begin, related events will be held to promote the games and build up the level of anticipation.

For more Taipei 2017 events, please visit the 2017 Taipei Universiade cultural event official website http://events.2017.taipei/.


(Source: TUOC 2017)