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20 February 2017 | in Multisports, Summer Universiade

2017 SU: Hi-Tech companies to provide Smartwatches to Taipei Universiade Participants



TAIPEI CITY – The 29th Summer Universiade will take place from19 to 30 August this year. 12,000 competitors and team officials from 150 countries will take part. To allow competitors from around the world to experience the outstanding capability of China Taipei’s IT industry first-hand, Media Tek Inc., Acer Inc., and EasyCard Corp. have collaborated to develop a new smart watch that has EasyCard stored-value, purchasing and exercise tracking functions. Around 13,000 of the smart watches will be provided to the Universiade participants from around the world when they come to Taipei. The companies have supported the games with real action.


To provide Taipei Universiade competitors with a method for easy purchasing and various daily life services during their short stay in Chinese Taipei, technology giants Media Tek, Acer, and EasyCard have jointly developed a new smart watch especially for Universiade competitors. This smart watch not only has EasyCard stored-value and purchasing functions, it also can be used to monitor heart rate, track personal health information and record exercise and calorie consumption.


Taipei’s semi-conductor and information technology industries play an important role globally. Media Tek is a global-leader chip company. Every year 1.5 billion electronic products with built-in Media Tek chip reach the market. The company is a world leader in the handheld device, smart home application, wireless connection technology and Internet of Things (IoT) wearable product markets; Acer was established more than 40 years ago and was a pioneer in Chinese Taipei’s technology industry in terms of own-brand development and internationalization. Its products include smart handheld devices, PCs, screens and servers. At present, it is actively developing cloud technology and solutions that are combined with IoT devices. It is a company that integrates software, hardware and service; EasyCard provides payment services to various kinds of industry. It is an electronic stored value card that meets people’s daily life needs, allowing payment to be made quickly and conveniently.


Taking the opportunity offered by the Universiade to collaborate, the three sides have brought together their expertise, technology and resources to jointly develop a new smart watch that will be provided to the competitors when they come to Taipei. The watch will provide new health management and exercise recording functions as well as allowing users to pay for public transport and bicycle hire and shop purchases quickly and easily using the EasyCard function, allowing them to enjoy a highly convenient payment experience and spreading Taipei’s smart, healthy city image around the world. 



(Source: Taipei City 2017 OC)