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28 November 2013 | in Winter Universiade, Multisports

2013 WU Trentino: Last Preparations


TRENTO Two weeks before the Opening Ceremony of the 2013 WU Trentino, the Organising Committee is working hard to be ready and deliver a great Universiade.

During the last days of preparations, the sport department met with the volunteers of the different sport clusters in order to give them some important information about the organisation of the Trentino Winter Universiade.

Yesterday, 27 November it was the turn of the volunteers assigned to Monte Bondone, the very nice venue situated overTrento, where Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing will be organised. 

The meeting room in San Bartolomeo Centre was crowded with people of all ages. All of them are looking forward to be a part of this event.

Ubaldo PRUCKER (Sport & Venues Operations Director), Michela FILIPPI (Sport & Venues Operations Assistant), Antonella BELLUTTI (Head of the Volunteers Programme), Diego DECARLI (Head of Press Office and TV & Media), Franz PERINI (Competition Manager), Valentino MORI (Competition Office Manager) presented the main aspects of this upcoming event, the competitions organised in Monte Bondone and the different tasks of the volunteers in this venue.

Milan AUGUSTIN, Winter Universiade Director, was very happy to see so many people and thanked them in advance for their passion and commitment during the 2013 Trentino WU!


(Source: Paola FORNI, Assistant Winter Universiade)