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10 July 2017 | in Summer Universiade, Multisports

1st Stop Domestic Torch Relay: Lighting up Taipei from the Top of Mt. Jade



TAIPEI CITY - The first leg of the Universiade Torch Relay ascended to the top of lofty Mt. Jade on 7 July. Mt. Jade, at 3,952 meters tall, is the highest mountain in Chinese Taipei. For the Mt. Jade torch relay, TUOC selected 10 young people who have climbing experience, are physically fit and have various skills. After specialized training and rehearsal, the Universiade Flame was successfully carried to the summit of the main peak of Mt. Jade, lighting up the highest point in Chinese Taipei and blessing the Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade. 


Torchbearer Po-Yu Chiu of Chengchi University said that thunder storms were forecast for the relay period but, luckily, the weather was fine. All the way, the torchbearers felt the charm of the torches as they were encouraged by all the climbers they passed.


The 2-day torch relay on Mt. Jade began with a ceremony at the Tatajia trailhead of Mt. Jade on 6 July hosted by TUOC CEO Li-Chiung Su. TUOC arranged for the Vox Nativa Choir to perform “Pislahi” (hunting ceremony) and “Kipahpah Ima” (Clap Hands) were sang to send-off the torch relay team. YUYUPAS, a first-class Tsou tribe dance troupe also performed the traditional Tsou Blessing Dance to bless the torch relay team, accompanied by distinctive music adapted from the tribe’s ancient Song of Exhortation. The beautiful song and characterful dance of the two groups complemented by the magnificent scenery of Mt. Jade was intended to show the world the beauty of Chinese Taipei.


After the send-off ceremony, the 10 torchbearers, each carrying 10kg equipment, began the torch relay. The Safety Lantern also had to be carried up. They set off from the trailhead at 2,610 meters on 6 July and climbed up to Paiyun Lodge at 3,402 meters; early the next morning, the summit ascent to the top of the main peak of Mt. Jade at 3,952 meters began. The distance from Paiyun Lodge to the summit is only 2.4 kilometers but it climbs a full 550 meters, showing just how steep it is. After reaching the summit of Mt. Jade, the torches had to be lit in the cold temperatures and the torch relay conducted while ensuring that the mother flame stayed alight. This in all was no small challenge for the torchbearers in terms of fitness and skill. All torchbearers were in high spirits and full of determination to ensure that the sacred flame, the symbol of the endless nature of the Universiade and determination and bravery, successfully reached the summit, by doing so exhorting Chinese Taipei athletes to do their best on home ground in August and write a new page in the annals of Chinese Taipei’s sporting success.



The 10 torchbearers have successfully completed the mission of taking the sacred flame to the summit of Mt. Jade. The domestic torch relay will now follow. On 13 July, the next stop in the torch relay will let us see the Universiade flame in Penghu where the much-anticipated second leg of the torch relay will take place against the backdrop of beautiful coastline and windsurfers.


(Source: TUOC 2017)