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04 July 2016 | in Education, Forum

Education and Student Committees continue Session

MONTPELLIER - After a joint meeting on Saturday, 2 July, the EDUC and CDE Committees continued to shape their future during separated meetings on Sunday, 3 July. Committee for the Education Services (EDUC) Chair Verena Burk and Student Committee (CDE) Coordinator Hilkka Pöyhönen met with the members to discuss strategy and development of their groups.

During their meeting the EDUC members agreed to emphasise internal management and cooperation with the external EDUC expert group during the next term. Additionally, a strategy was developed for the next four years and internal working groups were formed to manage the committee’s activities including events and programmes.

“We had a very constructive meeting. This showed me every member’s readiness and willingness to contribute. Our group is composed of persons with different experiences and skills and from different backgrounds,” Burk said.

Contemporaneously the Student Committee held a meeting as well. Apart from being composed by students this group is also young in another sense: it just kicked off its second term after being established for the first time in 2012. The weekend of meetings in Montpellier was the first time the members met and got to know each other

Coordinator Hilkka Pöyhönen and the students focused on the committee’s role in FISU, their future strategy including initiatives, projects and activities. They reviewed the successful efforts of the first term’s Student Committee and analysed what can be useful in the future. “We want to work more closely with the student representatives of continental and national federations in the future,” Pöyhönen said and added: “I’m really glad FISU has a Student Committee. Students are one of our main target groups, we have a very important task to take care of.


Max Länge, FISU Media Intern