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11 July 2016 | in Education, Forum

13th FISU Forum closes



MONTPELLIER - The 2016 FISU Forum came to a close on Saturday, 9 July. At Montpellier Town Hall participants were welcomed by Local Organising Committee President Arnaud Richard to celebrate the end of a fruitful educational event.

Before the protocol part of the Closing Ceremony, the host nations of the 2017 Winter and 2017 Summer Universiades (including the 2017 FISU World Conference), Almaty and Taipei City, who had representatives participating in the Forum, presented their upcoming multi-sport and educational events.

Subsequently, representatives from all 49 participating nations were handed their diplomas and once again the great atmosphere came to life as participants were cheering each other on.

Arnaud Richard then addressed the audience by reflecting on the slogan of the Forum ‘From the origins to the future of university sport’: “Innovation and future is now, I think that’s what we have showed during this Forum.” He was followed by Fabien Abert, the Deputy Major of Montpellier, and Dr. Verena Burk, FISU First Assessor and EduC Chair: “For the first time in the FISU history the institutional partners of FISU, such as UNESCO, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, WADA, the European Athlete as Student Network and Eurosport were all present and had an significant role in presenting topics which not only are related to each other but also have a high importance in FISU and National University Sport Federations.” She added: “Such an event could not take place without teamwork, enthusiasm and friendship, and I have watched all three in action during this week.”

Following her speech, Burk presented Arnaud Richard, Serge Pravossoudovitch, the President of the Regional University Sport Committee, and Fabien Abert with the official FISU plaque. As a Forum tradition two participating students were then invited to go to the 2017 FISU Conference in Taipei City. Seingsaw Lertratanachai from Thailand and Bennie Wardi from Finland were rewarded for their outstanding work in Montpellier.

Verena Burk then declared the 13th FISU Forum closed. Her words were followed by the FISU Anthem and the passage of the flag from the Montpellier FISU Forum hosts to the future Forum hosts from Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation.

Verena Burk

The ceremony closed with a look into the future presented by the Krasnoyarsk Organising Committee (including a saxophone performance) and some final words of thanks from Arnaud Richard to his colleagues from the Organising Committee and the volunteers.

“When you see FISU as a body that is only existing in order to provide opportunities to win medals at the Universiade that is a completely wrong image. Universities are able to create a completely different image of FISU, as being university community, as being involved in community to change the world through sport and physical activity. Because that’s the role of FISU,” said Alexander Schischlik, Chief of Youth and Sport Section of UNESCO, at the Opening Ceremony. After six days of fruitful exchange, networking and learning experience the participants of the 2016 FISU Forum will spread exactly this message all over the world.


Max Länge, Media Intern