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15 September 2014 | in FISU, Lausanne in Motion

Be Ready for Lausanne in Motion!

Eric Saintrond, FISU Secretary-General CEO explaining this new concept during the press conference


LAUSANNE – On 20 September, 2014, FISU organizes the first International Festival of University Sport "Lausanne in Motion", on the Place de la Navigation in Lausanne, Switzerland.

 The event "Lausanne in Motion" is proposed for the first time by FISU as part of the creation of an ‘International University Sports Day’.


The ‘International University Sports Day’ will be - if UNESCO agrees to place it on its calendar - a day of gathering for all students and citizens worldwide wishing to participate in physical activities. The ‘International University Sports Day’ is set to quickly conquer the university campuses around the world.

The International University Sports Festival is a free event and open to all. The event is a meeting between the students and the citizens of Lausanne. It is also FISU’s way to thank the city of Lausanne for its hospitality since the seat of the FISU has been located there for a few years now.

FISU President Claude-Louis Gallien wanted to create an event organized by academics for academics and also for the general public. The purpose of the International University Sports Festival is to discover the FISU values of university sport in the city of Lausanne and to let people ‘move’ through an introduction to new sports.

The International University Sports Festival will present sport in four dimensions: health, technology, culture and education.


Animated by academic sport professionals, all events will take place on 20 September. Other activities will also be organized with an emphasis on health and new technology sports.


The event will close in the evening with the concert “Y a le feu au lac” (“The Lake is on Fire") featuring different music bands and DJs.


Ellen Spruger, athletics stars and LIM AmbassadorProgramme

• Sporting activities from 11h00 to 20h00, animated primarily by stakeholders University Sports Services of the UNIL and EPFL: Capoeira, Slackline, Vietnam Vo, Zumba, Bokwa, Cheerleading, Pilates, African Dances, Self Defence, Hip-Hop House, Discofit, Sports Latin Dance, Kick Boxing, Salsa, T-bow, Breakdancing, Taebo, Competition Basketball, juggling;

• Other activities during the day:

- Sport and Health Centre and the University Sports Department will present the latest sports technologies, and the different ways to awaken and train the body, motoric skills in order to progress in harmony;

- The Basketball Club of Lausanne (BBC) will host various competitions of basketball, the elite team will be present from 11h00 to 12h00;

- Talent Show 14h00-14h30: the students will present their different talents on stage (music, song, dance);

- Child Entertainment: a Sports Pass is set up for kids receiving a gift if they participate in a minimum of five activities;

- Many contests and games: lottery, quizzes, contests with many prizes to be won (Tissot watches, Fitness subscriptions ...);

• The FISU President launches the Evening “The Lake is on Fire” from 20h00 to midnight

- 20h-20h40: Dancing With Astronauts;

- 21h05-21h45: Kill The Director;

- 22h10-22h50: The Scrapyards;

- 23h10-23h50: Drop Process.

Partners of the event: The city of Lausanne, Canton de Vaud, the Sports Services of UNIL and EPFL, UNIL, EPFL, the Swiss Federation of University Sport, Tissot, Rivella Harmony Denges, Henniez, TL, FNAC, Eurosport, La Tele, LFM, Lausanne Cities.


(Yvan Dufour, FISU Editor in chief)


Georges-Andre Carrel, OC President