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21 August 2017 | in Summer Universiade, Education

Join us at the FISU Seminars

FISU Seminars for student-athletes:


Your Brand Transition from Sport to the Labour Market (23/08 - 24/08)

·       How to use athlete’s career as a reference for future employers, how to present athlete experience in CV.

·       Lecture by Adecco, Patrick Glennon


How to present yourself to media? (24/08)

·       Knowledge on how to present yourself in front of media, to answer questions, learning opportunities for students, supporting the development of their communication skills etc.

·       Lecture by Eurosport, Andreas Evagora


How to build Your Profile on Social Media (22/08-25/08)

·       How to use social media to promote yourself and get interest from sponsors, learning opportunities for students, contributing to increase the level of awareness, build up an image and position a person in the public by using different social media channels etc.

·       Lecture by JTA, Mark Cooper


 Download the flyer for details



FISU Seminars for Officials and Students:


Dual career: Situation and perspectives (28/08)

·       Challenges for student athletes in the combination of elite sports and studies, dual career guidelines, dual career systems - examples from Europe

·       Lecture by EAS, Laura Capranica


Anti-Doping education: University e-text-book (27/08-29/08)

·       FISU-WADA Anti-doping Programme for Universities" - presenting the programme and the tools available to students and instructors to raise awareness about drug-free sport and the teaching opportunities offered to universities

·       Lecture by WADA, Erin Tedford


Traditional Chinese Medicine: An introduction (23/08-29/08)

·       What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? Importance and use of TCM in comparison with Western orientated Medicine

Application of TCM, diagnostic and therapy options, 5 pillars of TMC

·       Lecture by Taipei City Hospital, Dr. Rony Chiu


 Download the flyer for details



FISU Seminars for Media liaisons:


The FISU NUSF PR Toolkit (23/08-24/08)

•       Introduction to the FISU NUSF PR Toolkit, e.g. to develop and enhance the NUSF brand identity, offer PR best practice guidelines and provide vital PR tools, all of which will help to create compelling content for the key audiences of NUSF.

•       Lecture by JTA, Mark Cooper


Social media for media officers (25/08)

•       Opportunities and challenges in using social media channels in the promotion of university sports, best practice, dos and don’ts.

•       Lecture by Hip Check Media, Steve McAllister


Download the flyer for details