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22 May 2015 | in NUSF News, Meetings, Winter Universiade, FISU, Multisports

Lucerne is preparing a bid for the 2021 Winter Universiade

LAUSANNE - In the frame of the attribution of the 2021 Winter Universiade, FISU Secretary General/CEO Eric Saintrond travelled to Lucerne, the Capital of the Canton of Lucerne. A meeting was organised with Guido Graf, Governor of the Canton of Lucerne and Head of the Department of Health and Social Affairs


.FISU Secretary General/CEO Eric Saintrond (with book) together with Governor Guido Graf and also Beat Hensler (right), Urs Hunkeler (second from the left) and Leonz Eder (left)



Present at this round table discussion were also his assistant Jeannette Riedweg, Urs Hunkeler, Director of Lucerne Events and Beat Hensler, Secretary General of the Conference of the Governments of Central Switzerland, namely the Cantons of Lucerne, Zug, Uri, Obwalden, Nidwalden and Schwyz. FISU Vice-President Leonz Eder represented the Swiss University Sports Federation (SUSF).

Guido Graf underlined the strong will of Lucerne-Central Switzerland to bid for the Winter Universiade in 2021. He also stressed the fact that the three Universities in Lucerne (the University of Lucerne, the Paedagogical University and the University of Applied Sciences) as well as Lucerne Tourism strongly support the Canton and the City of Lucerne in this project. Mr Graf informed Eric Saintrond that the Federal Government would be an important partner for the Universiade, and that Ueli Maurer, Swiss Minister of Sports, strongly supports the idea to bring the Winter Universiade to Lucerne.

Eric Saintrond thanked Governor Graf and this team for being so serious in evaluating the situation for hosting a Winter Universiade. He explained also the expectations of FISU to an Organising Committee. SUSF Managing Director Leonz Eder confirmed that the Swiss University Sports Federation is fully involved in the project and works closely with Governor Guido Graf and his team. Mr Graf and Mr Saintrond agreed to continue to work together for this project and to meet again soon.

Switzerland hosted already the 2nd Winter Universiade in 1962 in Villars.


(Source: SUSF)