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21 August 2017 | in Multisports, FISU, Meetings, Summer Universiade

CDSU Meetings in Taipei Show Active Role of Committee Members

Topics included the FISU Help Programme , July's FISH Volunteers Leaders Academy and Member Association governance


TAIPEI CITY – On the eve of the opening to the Taipei Summer Universiade 2017, the Committee For The Development Of University Sport (CDSU) met to discuss important matters of Federation governance.

 FISU First Vice-President Leonz Eder chaired the meeting

In an August 18 meeting chaired by FISU First Vice-President Leonz Eder (SUI) and attended by Vice-Chair Zhen Shen (CHN) and committee members Leopold Senghor (SEN), Anthony Davis (JAM) and Azat Kadyrov (RUS).


After a welcoming of the committee, the very active role of its members within FISU was mentioned, especially Russia for the organisation of the FISU Volunteers Leaders Academy in Kazan, a detailed activity report from CDSU with a reading of the minutes from the last Committee meeting in January 2017, a presentation of new Member Associations to be submitted to the General Assembly after approval from the FISU Executive Committee meetings two days prior. The Member Associations confirmed were Cape Verde, Kosovo, Marshall Islands, and São Tomé and Príncipe. Re-affiliation of Benin and Afghanistan were also informed. The case of Curacao attending the Universiade programme was discussed, having been suspended by the Executive Committee and recommended to be excluded as Member Association.

The Committee For The Development Of University Sport met in Taipei before the start of the Summer Universiade 2017 

The FISU Help Programme was explained. The Help Programme assisted a total of 50 countries for the Taipei Summer Universiade 2017. The composition of these 50 countries was: 24 from Africa, 10 from America and Asia, 5 from Europe and 1 from Oceania.


The calendar and tender for FISU Continental Associations (CUSFs) projects in 2018 were then discussed, with the plan to collect all the projects by the 31 of October, 2017. These projects covering the following activities: the administration and operation of the CUSF Secretariat, flagship events, Executive Committee meetings twice per year and a CUSF General Associations every two years.

 The roundtable meeting had contributions from all CDSU Members

A FISU-CUSF Strategic Dialogue guidance and FISU-CUSF Forum for NUSFs guidance were put in place.


Anthony Davis presented the updated SWOT Analysis. This work explained the need for CUSFs to review their strategies to remain in synch with FISU and the NUSF(s) on each continent.

The actionable strategies to be pursued were based of the strengths of the CUSF(s). These strategies provide a pathway for avoiding strategies whose success may be negatively impacted by any identifiable weakness.


Three strategy pillars were defined: driving the growth and development of the organizational structures; developing specific branding strategies; and enhancing the collaboration between FISU and the CUSF.