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06 December 2016 | in Meetings, Education

Balance in Sport

STRASBOURG - FISU attending the Meeting on Gender Equality Indicators at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg FISU is taking part to the final meeting on held at the Council of Europe on the 5-6 December on the “Balance in sport. Tools to implement Gender Equality” which is a joint programme between the Council of Europe and the European Commission. FISU as a member consultative committee of EPAS will contribute to the collection of datas in the next phase of the programme. This meeting had as goals to present and analyse the questionnaires used by the four test countries (Finland, France, Romania and Spain) and to exchange good practices in order to finalise to documents that will be officially used by all stakeholders.

Making gender equality a reality in sport is the main goal of the Council of Europe. Through the “Balance in sport” project, partners are invited to take part in the data collection campaign on gender equality indicators in sport. The main objective of the project is to set up a corpus of gender equality indicators and to provide guidance on how to use these. This set of indicators shall be used by different institutions and organisations interested in promoting and implementing gender equality.


Five main areas are in the focus:

• Leadership

• Coaching

• Participation

• Gender-based violence

• Media

We hope the results will provide a solid ground for policy makers from public authorities and from the sport movement to define and adopt relevant sport and gender policies.

For more information: http://pjp-eu.coe.int/en/web/gender-equality-in-sport/home

The programme of the meeting 

(Source: Kolë Gjeloshaj: FISU Director for Educational Services)