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28 April 2017 | in World University Championships

WUC Seminar in Lausanne


LAUSANNE – From 26 to 28 April, FISU’s World University Championships Department hosted its traditional WUC Seminar to prepare future World University Championship hosts for their job to come. Around 100 delegates, representing the Organising Committees of 31 WUCs to be staged in 2018 were present in Lausanne. Organized every two years, the seminar seeks to aid in the preparation of the WUC events that will take place during the running year.


WUC Director Paulo Ferreira


The two-day Seminar was set up focusing on providing all attendants an overview of the fields related to the organisation and management of a FISU World University Championship. The 100 delegates present had the opportunity to hear a wide variety of topics, from a general presentation of FISU to the specificities of protocol and communication at FISU events, from the administrative processes and cooperation to the roles of various delegates nominated to the events, amongst many other interesting and in-depth presentations.

This was also the case for the four case studies related to LOCs that organised WUCs in 2016, i.e. a practical case of ‘A day at the WUC’ was presented by Lavinia Falese of the 2016 WUC Cross Country in Cassino, Italy; duties & responsibilities of the different stakeholders at the 2016 WUC Triathlon by Cecile Busser; Ian Fitzpatrick talked about the work force management at the 2016 WUC Sailing in Perth, Australia; Neil Rogers about media and marketing at the 2016 WUC Rugby Sevens in Swansea, United Kingdom and Kunnar Karu talked about protocol at the 2016 WUC Beach Volleyball in Pärnu, Estonia.


WUC Seminar: it's all about communication


Overall, the seminar had a very positive environment and all speakers were very well received in the presentations delivered.

Closing the WUC Seminar, FISU Vice-President Marian Dymalski thanked the participants. “I also like to thank the speakers and staff preparing this Seminar. It was a fruitful event sharing with you our experiences. See you next year at your WUC and good luck with the preparations!”

With this step concluded, we now look forward the work ahead and wish all OCs the very best of luck for their 2018 event.


C. Pierre, FISU Press Officer