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17 March 2015 | in CUSF News

1st Board Meeting of AUSF Education and Development Centre




BEIJING – on 15 March, the 1st Board meeting of the AUSF Education and Development Centre was held in the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports (CUPES), Beijing, China. AUSF President ZHANG Xinsheng, AUSF Vice-President and Chair of AUSF Education Committee CHEN Kunning, AUSF Treasurer SEE TOW Cheng Fave, AUSF Vice Secretary-General XUE Yanqing, President of CUPES ZHONG Bingshu, Vice-President of CUPES XIE Jun and Secretariat staffs were present at the meeting.

The establishment of the AUSF Education and Development Centre was initiated and endorsed during the AUSF General Assembly held in China last year. The Centre aims to carry out the academic and education programme of AUSF, under the supervision of Education Committee. The Centre is located in the CUPES since CUPES has great resources and advantages in terms of a qualified and professional instructor team, research team and volunteer team. 

This meeting mainly discussed the responsibility of the Education Committee, the responsibility of the Centre, the relationship between the Education Committee and the Centre, and the Guidelines regarding the AUSF Training Programme.

As President Zhang said, AUSF belongs to its 36 members. All the members have the equal right to be involved in the organization, but the diversity of language and culture and the vast geographic expanse in Asia passively effect on the participation of all the members. In the hope to realize the dream to reach those unreached, the Centre will also support the reform of AUSF on how to create the opportunity to attract more participation and to reach all the members.

According to the procedure, Dr. CHEN Kunning will report on the achievements of this meeting at the next AUSF Executive Committee to be held from 22 to 25 May in Mongolia.


(Source: AUSF Secretariat)