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09 July 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Summer Universiade, Archery

A First Medal for Slovenia in Archery


GWANGJU - Slovenia, home to just over 2 million people, lies in the heart of Europe. As an independent country it has been sending delegations and participating in the Universiade since 1995. As of the last Summer Universiade, which took place in Kazan, Russia its students have won 19 medals; eight bronze, six silver and five gold.

Toja Cerne, a student of the University of Ljubljana and a compound bow competitor, earned a silver medal for her team which is the first medal for Slovenia in archery and the first one in Gwangju. A ‘golden arrow’ split gold from silver after the regular match concluded in a tie.

She said she felt amazing about her performance, and she feels proud that she won the first archery medal for her team at the Universiades. Cerne said she was happy with her performance. “I finished second, yes of course I wanted to be the first one but I am happy my medal match was good and I was shooting strong.” She said her team has played a vital part in her victory and they have been very supportive.

Commenting on the upcoming World Championship that is to take place in three weeks, she stated that, “I am ready and I am really excited to get there and I will do my best.” The coach for archery, Franc Cevzar commented that he knew Cerne was in good shape and he was confident that she would make it to the medals match. He stated that “this silver medal is a gold medal for us.” He emphasised his confidence and said he was expecting a medal in the World Championship as well.

Zvjezdan Mikic, the Head of Delegation of Slovenia said, “It’s the first medal at this Universiade, with this medal Slovenia is being recognized and I look forward to a good performance of the team.”

Dania Abdullah (PAK), FISU Young Reporter