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29th Winter Universiade 

Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation (RUS), March 02 to 12, 2019


Key Facts




Krasnoyarsk, a City with a ‘Real Winter'!


Located in the North East of the Russian Federation, the city of Krasnoyarsk has a continental climate with hot summers and (very) cold winters. This is great since the Krasnoyarsk Organising Committee promises to offer us the experience of a ‘Real Winter’ in 2019, according to its slogan. In this region the white gold is abundant and provides perfect practice for all winter sports.


A young city - up to 41 % of its population is younger than thirty - Krasnoyarsk has over 40 youth organisations that are very active and interconnected. It is also a university city with 9 institutes of higher education, the oldest being the State University of Siberia for Technology which was founded in 1930. It counts more than 100,000 students and interns from 39 countries. Krasnoyarsk is a sports town as well since 20% of its population is involved in sports in one way or another. Due to its four sports academies, it is also a cradle of great champions who compete in major national and international events.


Krasnoyarsk is not inexperienced in staging winter sports competitions. Although it has not yet organised any international major multi-sport events, it is a regular host for national competitions in alpine skiing, biathlon, snowboarding and freestyle skiing.


Krasnoyarsk and its region offer in any case a well-stocked infrastructure dedicated to winter sports. Some venues will be renovated and others replaced for the occasion. In addition, all new sports complexes will be built for the Universiade and among them, several ice rinks and a major center for snow sports.


Finally, athletes will be housed in a new Athletes’ Village, which is seldom the case for the Winter Universiade.


The Organising Committee shall have all the support of the Russian Student Sports Union (RSSU).