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Gender Equality

FISU is constantly promoting gender equality under the supervision of the Gender Equality Committee (CEG)



The CEG was established in November 2011 to study and promote the inclusion of women at all levels of university sport, advocating equality and equity of opportunities for men and women in the field of physical activity, sport and recreation.

The Committee’s general objective is to promote gender equality in the university sports field worldwide through awareness raising and training of all those involved in its management and implementation. It also aims at developing policies oriented towards the application of the equal opportunity principle in competitive sport activities as well as in recreational, leisure and health activities. It provides a space for gender promotion in the management of world university sport, for information sharing and joint efforts oriented towards achieving equality between women and men.

See how gender equality is at the heart of FISU’s principles in this video (2014).

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FISU signed the Brighton Declaration and was an official partner at the 6th IWG Conference in Helsinki in 2014.

  • Council of Europe

FISU is a member of the working group on Balance in Sport (BIS) (tools to implement gender equality)