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The League Is Born:

2015 Inauguration of the

World University League 

at Huaqiao University in Xiamen, People's Republic of China



What started as an idea to bring elite sport events onto the middle of a university campus became a reality when Huaqiao University in Xiamen, China hosted FISU’s first international 3x3 Basketball tournament where student athletes competed for their universities instead of their national team.


Dubbed the “World University League” for the first three years, the event proved so successful that FISU grew the programme to include football and changed to the University World Cup in late 2017. The success of this tournament proved the concept and allowed FISU to expand the role and reach of international university sports on campuses around the world. 


Women’s League Final 2015

  1. University of Economics and Finance of Tianjin (CHN)
  2. University of Chinese Culture (TPE)
  3. Monash University (AUS)


Men's League Final 2015

  1. Université du Québec à Montréal (CAN)
  2. University of Bordeaux (FRA)
  3. Peking University (CHN)





Results – Complete Standings for the Men and Women