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26 February 2019 | in Winter FISU World University Games, FISU

FISU technical committee confirms Krasnoyarsk 2019's readiness to host Winter Universiade

Following stringent inspections by the FISU Winter Universiade Technical Committee (CTI) members, all sports facilities and operations were declared ready for 29th Winter Universiade 


KRASNOYARSK — With the final 100 hours left to finalise preparations for the field of play at the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade, FISU’s technical committee met for the third and final time to discuss the status of the competitive fields of play.


Leaders from FISU and the local organising committee heard from technical chairs across all of the 11 sport disciples that will make up all the competitions, which run from the 2-12 March. Across the board, the takeaway from the appraisal of the event’s field of play management was overwhelming positive. 


FISU CTI Chairman Roger Roth helmed the meeting. On the federation side, he was joined by FISU President Oleg Matytsin, FISU Secretary General-CEO Eric Saintrond, FISU technical chairs, and FISU sports and events staff. Krasnoyarsk 2019’s director general Maxim Urazov and sports and venue managers represented the local organising committee at the meeting. 


“We have great teamwork, which is coming to an end, and at the same time a bright sporting event begins, for which we worked together for 5 years,” said FISU President Oleg Matytsin at the opening of the meeting. "I am sure that all the athletes and guests of the Winter Universiade 2019 will appreciate the result, and they will undoubtedly receive great pleasure from the warm welcome and the quality of the preparation of the competition. But the most valuable thing for us is the knowledge that Krasnoyarsk residents will have after a large-scale international event. It is very important not only to preserve this legacy, but also to convey the experience to the organizers of future Winter Universiades.”


The technical part of the meeting opened with an impassioned speech from FISU CTI Chair Roger Roth, where he outlined his guiding philosophy on what it takes to deliver memorable sports events of the highest standard.  

 The 29th Winter Universiade gets the final go-ahead during the FISU Winter Universiade International Technical Committee meeting that took place Monday in Krasnoyarsk

“For the athletes, we want to continue to improve and we want to innovate,” Mr. Roth said. “There’s a great commitment from everyone in this room to make sure we have the highest technical level of events in the best formats for the athletes. What we have before us is an ambitious challenge. There will be difficult moments. There will be times when we don’t know immediately how to react to a situation. That is natural; we are all human beings. But when we answer back with teamwork and togetherness, we fill our cups up with energy. This leaves us with a smile and a feeling inside that lasts longer after our time here in Siberia. This is my philosophy.”


In addition to technical sport matters, the meeting finished with reports on media and broadcast operations, event protocol matters, and the FISU Observers Programme. The latter presentation noted how organizers of the Winter Universiade 2019 are already sharing their experiences of preparing to major sports events with FISU host cities to follow, particularly the next Winter Universiade edition to be held in Lucerne, Switzerland in January 2021 and the 2023 hosts from Lake Placid, USA. They will be in Krasnoyarsk during competition days to see and learn how to best put on an international event with their own eyes.

Winter Universiade media operations, particularly the interconnected role that event operations, sport presentation and broadcast play together were also discussed during the technical competition meeting

Amongst all the positive feedback on the high standard of the facilities and the technical sport level— and if the devil is in the details — Mr. Urazov mused a bit about the weather living up to its #realwinter slogan. 


"We could just use a little bit of fresh falling snow, to enhance the ambience of the Universiade around the city,” Mr. Urazov said before adding, "We are so much looking forward to hosting the 29th edition of the Winter Universiade."