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21 January 2019 | in Winter FISU World University Games

FISU assesses Winter Universiade 2019 preparations and visits competition venues


FISU helps to finalise preparations for the opening and closing ceremonies while also positively assessing venue progress

KRASNOYARSK –With just over 40 days until Universiade Flame reaches urban heart of Siberia to open the 29th Winter Universiade on 2 March, FISU representatives were town for a host city inspection visit. FISU First-Vice President Leonz Eder lead a four–member strong team that included the federation’s director general, Paulo Ferreira, along with Winter Universiade Director, Milan Augustin, protocol consultant, Tatsiana Andrushka.


With the initial ignition of the Universiade Flame having taken place in Torino, Italy back on 20 September during the International Day of University Sport, the torch relay recently reached the Krasnoyarsk region. All told, 665 flame bearers will carry the fire for 164 days through four countries to the Platinum Ice Arena in the Winter Universiade 2019 host city to officially open the event with what is sure to be a captivating cultural performance event.


The FISU team’s five day visit centred mainly on final preparations for the opening and closing ceremonies and other event protocol-related procedures, such as the zoning management at every sport venue. The event is already drawing significant interest, with the first block of 90,000 event tickets selling out.


The protocol inspection visit was scheduled during one of the last test events for Winter Universiade (WU) that was organized in Sopka cluster, the venue for Snowboard and Freestyle Skiing. This compact sports cluster has drawn effusive praise from officials and athletes alike, with FIS Technical Delegate Lukasz Ligocki recently saying in his twenty years of experience in the business that, “I haven’t ever seen such a high standard sports cluster.


“Sopka is perfect for the Winter Universiade 2019 and further training,” Ligocki added. “This is a brand new venue, built to the highest standards of today.”

 The starting house for the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade Ski Cross races saw plenty of action during this week's test events at the Sopka Cluster venue

While there, FISU saw the slopes in action for the Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross events, as well as in Snowboard PGS (parallel giant slalom) and PS (parallel slalom) disciplines. FISU came away from the events equally impressed.


“The overall work from the Krasnoyarsk 2019 organising committee remains at the highest standard,” Mr. Eder remarked. “"We have had no surprises here, what we see here are preparations going very fast and very professionally. Everything we see is impressive. We are all looking forward to welcoming student-athletes from around the world to this event.”

 What its all about, getting to the finish line of the Ski Cross and Snowboard Cross before one's competitors in the head-to-head racing action