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18 June 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Summer FISU World University Games

MERS Statement n°4

Safety measures of SU2015


Gwangju 2015 Universiade Organizing Committee

Further to FISU statement and News Releases on MERS in Korea, Gwangju 2015 Universiade Organizing Committee (GUOC) would like to communicate with participants on SU2015 MERS prevention and control measures.


MERS outbreak is an important current issue in Korea. Nevertheless, GUOC confirms you that the participants should not be over-concerned with its affect on Universiade. The outbreak will neither affect your participation nor the Event itself in any aspect.


SU2015 Control and prevention measure:


• Entry control

At multiple entry points to Korea, Gwangju, Athletes Village, and ITO Village, infrared thermometers will be installed to monitor inbound passengers to Gwangju and incoming participants entering the Universiade venues for 24 hours from the official opening of the Athletes Village to closing of the Universiade.


• Personnel control

- Operational staff will be medically inspected and screened before assuming their activity.


Education on personal hygiene and sanitation will be provided which are critical to preventing the spread of the virus as well as on contingency measures for medical emergencies.

- The general public will be strictly regulated and prevented from having indirect/direct contact with the participating delegations.


• A special inspection team

- A team of specialized medical experts and security personnel will conduct multiple medical inspections at the main Universiade venues.

- If a suspected symptom is detected, you will receive an initial health screening examination and be transported to a SU designated hospital.


• MERS designated medical facilities and personal hygienic care products

- One (1) MERS designated examination center and two (2) quarantine facilities will be set up to receive any suspected patients.

- Good personal hygiene is extremely important prevention measure for any contagious disease. Hand sanitizer will be placed in and around all Universiade venues.


From June 10th to 13th, WHO and the Ministry of Health of Korea had a joint mission on MERS investigation in Korea. After the joint mission, WHO has not recommended any restriction on travel or trade. In addition, we did not have a single confirmed case in Gwangju, and therefore, the Organizing Committee anticipates that your travel to Gwangju will be safe.

As to support WHO statement and observations, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued Level 1 advisories on traveling to Korea, which means to “practice usual precautions.”

Up to date, CDC has issued the same level of travel advisories to 30 different identified outbreaks/events including the 2012 London Olympics measles alert, 2015 World Expo in Italy, Dengue in Panama outbreak, Cholera in Haiti and Ghana, Measles in Germany and Ethiopia, Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease in Japan, etc.

GUOC would like to assure all participants that we are working closely with the medical committee of FISU to ensure safe games and safe travel and participation by all. We are advising all participants, officials, volunteers and anyone associated with the Universiade to practice safe hygiene measures and not be involved in any activities or travel if they are ill and especially if they have symptoms of fever or respiratory illness.

Again, GUOC reemphasizes that the Organizing Committee is closely monitoring the situation in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Korea and FISU and have established a set of risk management measures in place for your safety and health.



The figure shows the development of newly confirmed cases after the first patient was identified. After June 7, the number of confirmed cases has been falling from 23 to 5.

Source: Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention