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18 April 2020 | in Summer FISU World University Games

A bird's-eye view from the Chengdu clouds for the upcoming World University Games

Chengdu Culture1

If the construction style of a city is unique, then thousands of cities under construction have thousands of different appearances. Have you ever seen Chengdu in these ways? Six reporters from six media outlets– together with live streaming on five prominent Chinese channels – brought a multi-dimensional and multi-perspective view of Chengdu. While some captured the progress from the emerging global sports city by looking from the ground up, others took in the grand sites from a bird's eye view. No matter the vantage point or the media personnel's perspective, it's undeniable that a variety of landmark buildings are rising straight from the ground in Chengdu.


 At various construction sites, neatly arranged longitudes and latitudes surveyor lines, countless tower cranes, busy vehicles coming and going, the roar of machines, all of this brings an immersive experience. Just think of the student-athletes set to go to Chengdu envisioning competing in these majestic forums in a little over 500 days. 


Dong' an Lake Sports Park


Dongan SportsPark3

Consisting of a 40,000-seat main stadium, a 4,500-seat aquatic centre, and an 18,000-seat multi-functional arena, the flying saucer-like main structure of the Dong'an Lake Sports Park has already been completed. Now, the "Sunbird" shape is starting to take form.


Seen from the sky at a distance, the stadium and its various arenas show off their harmonious circular shapes. Inside the Dong'an Lake Sports Park construction site, the grand plan is materializing step-by-step from the initial blueprints. From this June onwards Dong'an Lake will begin to store water, helping turn the venue into "four gardens and twelve scenes." Every day, the seemingly tireless work of the Dong'an Lake construction team slowly unfurls before the eyes of the Chengdu public.


Fenghuang Mountain Sports Park

Dongan SportsPark2 ConstructionFenghuang Mountain Sports Park consists of one open-air stadium and one indoor arena. With its distinctive stretched shape, sinuous curves will soon find itself clad in a sparkling surface, locals often talk about the witnessing its completion, likening it to the rising of a phoenix from the ground. 


After one comes two, and after two comes three, it seems that only yesterday there were just a handful of lines on some blueprints, but today this new landmark is already taking its shape on the once-flat ground. Today the venue tells the story of struggle and hard work among the continuous concrete pours and the reinforced metal beams. Not long after tomorrow, the site looks to tell a different tale.  



Athletes' Village in Chengdu for the FISU Summer World University Games 


AthletesVillage Construction

With the Summer World Univesity Games-inspired construction following Chengdu's "Three Cities & Three Capitals" design philosophy, the future silhouette of the city becomes fuller by the day. When the Chengdu 2021 Athletes' Village opens, the Chengdu University campus really will be the Games-time home for the student-athletes. 


The precise and rapid construction process has begun, some of the new main structures are already ready. Next year will usher in a new chapter for the renowned university as the Athletes' Village welcomes numerous great athletes from all over the world. "We will make the World University Games Chengdu a great success, thus energizing the city of Chengdu," says a Chengdu 2021 spokesperson. 


Where there is light, someone chases it; when a city is on the rise, dreamers envision further ways to enhance it. Chengdu today is a community cultivating these light chasers and dreamers as the city writes a new chapter for the modern era under the collective motto of "Land of Abundance." 

ChengduSportLife ShuangliuWomensMarathonChengdu is a city of sports, as evidenced through the "Sports Chengdu" campaign and every year with the strong turnout for the Shuangliu Women's Marathon

Before the start of the 31st FISU Summer World University Games, the Chengbei Arena, Chengdu Shooting and Archery Management Center, Mengzhuiwan Natatorium and many other new venues will open for the public. With its historic charm and big-city bustle matched with its brand new appearances, Chengdu 2021 is definitely on track to host the student-athletes, coaches and university sports fans next summer.


Each arrival originates from a departure and many journeys across mountains and seas. These ongoing works in Chengdu are just a part of the action taking place in this bustling metropolis. When the World University Games cauldron is lit, we know the pictures, performances and memories will leave a meaningful mark on those near and far. One needs to look no further than what is underway in the thousand-year-old city to see the touch of bright colour welcoming the world of top student-athletes is already having on Chengdu.


In Chengdu, the future isn't light-years away; it's within sight and in reach.

Chengdu Culture FoodIn addition to the customary training table cuisine found inside the Athletes' Village, Chengdu visitors will have plenty of opportunity to taste traditional hot and spicy Sichuan staples, such as hot pot