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05 August 2019 | in Summer FISU World University Games

Sporting emotions, a lasting legacy of Napoli 2019

The Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade wasn’t only about medals and record attendances, but it is also captured the life experiences of those who took part in this event and contributed to its longstanding success.


Napoli 2019 Ambassadors Massimiliano Rosolino and Patrizio Oliva, living legends of world sports, do not hide their pride and enthusiasm for this great achievement.


“There are no words to describe the emotions I felt for my city,” Rosolino said. “As a citizen, supporter and athlete, I was able to witness the too-often-overlooked energy, vitality and resources of Naples. The milestone reached with the Universiade is only the first in a long series of events that I hope will be hosted in our city and region. We must feel proud, not only because we created something beautiful, but because we did it before the eyes of the world.”


Patrizio Oliva defined his part in the event as a fascinating experience: “We overcame a challenge that seemed almost impossible, showing how miracles can happen when working in perfect harmony and with a common objective. Each sector has done its part and we were able to offer the world a life lesson, all thanks to the efforts made. We accomplished this feat.”

Patrizio Oliva carrying the Universiade flame following the torch lighting in Torino


The boxing champion also reminds the volunteer campaign for Napoli 2019 where he had a key role: “I still remember that after the first call at the end of March, in less than 24 hours, we received 1500 applications. The message I wanted to convey was the sense of belonging to this territory: it was important to prove to the future of our youth a healthy future and the response of the volunteers has been extraordinary.


“I took part in 9 Olympic Games, with different roles, but the passion I saw during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies was incredible. These wonderful days have shown the real image of Naples, far from the same old stereotypes and clichés. I am happy and proud of my city.”


Rosolino underlined the passion and determination of Universiade team as well: “What struck me the most was the enthusiasm of the people involved, from volunteers to staff members, people who strongly believed in the event, who worked day and night hoping everything would go for the better, overcoming any fear.


“It was a great event because Naples is energy, desire to win and, above all, pride. I am very happy for having been part of this great event. Thank you, Universiade.”