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02 November 2020 | in Summer FISU World University Games

More than 500,000 register for volunteering at Chengdu 2021

Chengdu Volunteer Recruitment pic 1With nine months to go for the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games, recruitment of volunteers for the mega multi-sport event for student-athletes is now accelerating.


At the moment, the number of registered Chengdu city volunteers exceeds 500,000! More than 20,000 volunteer service projects have been announced, and the volunteer service hours assessed by the platform are more than 1.4 million. From among these registered city volunteers, the best applicants will be selected to work at next year's summer edition of the flagship FISU event.


In order to facilitate youth participation in accordance with the characteristics and preferences of young people, the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League has set up an efficient and convenient online platform with a comprehensive data system for this volunteer recruitment.


The online registration can be done through the popular WeChat platform, which makes it simple and convenient for young people.


Chengdu Volunteer Recruitment pic 2Data system for volunteers in ChengduApart from online platforms, a total of 582 "Youth in Chengdu·City Volunteer Service Stations" have been established to provide services such as social networking, volunteer registration, volunteer service demand collection, volunteer projects release and registration on a regular basis.


More than 2,500 activities have already been held, attracting more than 95,000 participants.


The Municipal Committee also plans to set up 1,100 volunteer service stations according to the plan of '1 station every 1.5 km'.


In addition, 270 ICBC branches, 552 China Telecom branches and 1,000 Hongqi Chain supermarkets have also joined in the publicity and the construction of volunteer recruitment platforms for the Games.

Chengdu Volunteer Recruitment pic 3The flagship 'store' for young volunteers