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07 February 2017 | in Snowboarding, Winter Universiade

#WUAlmaty2017: Iñaqui Irarrazaval, Chilean Snowboarder, Student and Father


ALMATY - Chile has sent only three athletes to the 28th Winter Universiade -two alpine skiers and snowboarder Iñaqui Irarrazaval. This 24-year old athlete manages to combine being a professional snowboarder, student of Andrés Bello University and a father to his son.

“He’s awesome, we always travel together, all around the world. so he can know all the cultures,“ says Iñaqui about his three years old son: “His mom is a profesional skier so she‘s trying to push him to skiing. But I always push him to snowboarding,“ he says with a smile on his face.


Irarrazaval started to compete at the interantional level when he was only 14 years old. „My biggest success is to be a good snowboarder and father. Competing world cups and representing my country all around the world,“ he admits.

One of his dreams is to go to Olympics, but he says it’s deffinetely not the biggest one: „My biggest dream to achieve is to snowboard my entire life and make it to snowboard with my son,“ says this young father, who proves that everything is managable if you really try.



Lucie Hrdlickova, U-Media Reporter