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06 February 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Winter Universiade, Snowboarding

Boarder Cross, a Family Affair

Trespeuch Family (fr. l. to r. Léo, Thomas, Léo and Chloé's father, Chloé)

GRANADA - Coming from a very athletic family, Chloe Trespeuch, a student of the University Institute of Technology Annecy, started snowboarding at the age of six: "I quickly followed in the footsteps of my brother Leo, which has always been my role model and inspiration. I love the sensation of speed and adrenaline of the sport." As for Leo, who is studying at the University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, he started snowboarding because he preferred the spirit that prevailed there, very different from that of alpine skiing.

Chloe and Leo are currently living in Val Thorens (France): "This resort is perfect: it has a good boarder cross track, a fitness room, in short we can train there in optimal conditions."
The two siblings are training regularly together and also participated in numerous European Cups together. "A few years ago, if we had to race against each other, I won rather easily. But Chloe has grown enormously and has become faster than me", said Léo Trespeuch visibly impressed with his little sister.
Chloe, who is attending her first Universiade, already has some magnificent achievements: several gold medals at the Championships in France, 5 gold medals in the European Cup, 1 silver medal at the Junior World Championships and as icing on the cake, a bronze medal in boarder cross at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. As for Leo, he won the gold at the 2007 Winter Universiade in Turin and the bronze medal in Trentino in 2013, and several gold medals in the European Cup and the Championships of France.
"I love the atmosphere here at the Universiade, it is very similar as at the Olympic Games. That medal from Sochi remains important to me", said Chloe. Here, she also has achieved her goal by winning the bronze medal, Leo was eliminated in the quarter-finals.
In conclusion, Chloe thanks her family: "To build a sports career, it is very important to have the full support of your family. Without them, I'm not sure I would have arrived at this level."

David Vandenplas, Media Assistant