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13 February 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Winter Universiade, Short Track Speed Skating

Korea at the Top of Men's Short Track

Yira SeoGRANADA - Short track is a very spectacular sport and Korea is one of the dominating nations in this sport. It was therefore not surprising to see three Koreans in the final of the men's 500m racing against Chinese skater Guang Chen.

Yira Seo, Seungsoo Han and Seyeong Park are all three member of the Korean National Short Track Team and are among the best skaters in the world. "We are friends and we train together in the national training centre in Seoul. But once on the track, we are above all competitors. But it ends as soon as the race is over", said Yira Seo, physical education student at the National University of Korea Sports and just crowned Universiade Champion on the 500m, ahead of compatriot Seungsoo and Chinese Han Guang Chen, while Seyeong Park had to settle for 4th place.

Yira Seo, who would like to convert to music, his passion, after his career was rather enthusiastic about the overall level of the Universiade. "You know, we compete in the ISU World Cup circuit. The level at the Universiade is certainly not the same, but it comes close."
In the afternoon Yira Seo’s team had some bad luck. Indeed, in the relay team competition, Korea failed to qualify for the finals because one of it skaters fell. "I'm very disappointed, but I will now concentrate on the 1000m which takes place tomorrow", Yira concludes.

In the women’s competition, the Chinese Han Yu Tong prevented Korea to have a double male/female gold in the 500, winning just ahead of Hakyung Son (KOR). Lithuanian Agne Sereikaite captured the bronze medal just in front of the Canadian Joanie Gervais.

David Vandenplas, Media Assistant