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04 March 2019 | in Short Track Speed Skating

China takes gold in men’s 1500m Short Track, Korea misses out on a 1-2 finish

Korea wins gold in the women’s 1500m race as expected, with Olympic champion Kim Alang participating, but China takes gold in the men’s event edging out the Korean frontrunners.

KRASNOYARSK, 4 March – In a fiercely contested Speed Skating race with a dramatic finish, An Kai of China won the men’s 1500m gold medal, as Short Track competition opened at the Arena Sever Multifunctional Complex. An finished the race with a time of 2:14.848, ahead of Quentin Lucas Vin Fercoq of France.


The result could have been very different though, with two Korean skaters very much in contention almost until the end. In a scuttle to the finish, the Koreans ended up colliding with each other and skidding out of the medals. Jiwon Park in fact, received a penalty.


An was very happy to have won the first gold medal for China. "I was prepared, and had kept my mind calm before the race," said An, taking nothing away from his own effort in the race. "I am very satisfied with the performance today. When I saw the two guys fall down, I just maintained my calm attitude and just tried my best to get across the final line."

Earlier, in the women’s race, the South Korean flag flew high as double Olympic champion and Almaty 2017 gold medalist Kim Alang stepped out to skate. In a dominant performance, she crossed the line in 2:38.363 seconds.


After the race Kim said she had been hopeful about the gold medal from the beginning. "I am happy competing here, at the Universiade," she said. "The track was great, so it helped me a lot."


France’s Aurelie Noelle Monvoisin launched a late attack to finish second and home girl Ekaterina Efremenkova delighted the home crowd with a third place.


Results: Men’s 1500m

  1. AN Kai (CHN) 2:14.848

  2. FERCOQ Quentin Lucas Vin (FRA) 2:21.009

  3. SHIGEHIRO Kiichi (JPN) 2:23.181


Results: Women’s 1500m

  1. KIM Alang (KOR) 2:23.544

  2. MONVOISIN Aurelie Noelle (FRA) 2:31.526

  3. EFREMENKOVA Ekaterina (RUS) 2:29.80