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15 July 2013 | in Rugby, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Summer FISU World University Games

Rhythmic Rugby

KAZAN - One of the most appealing aspects of a multi-faceted sporting competition like the Universiade is the wide array of events jam packed into a tight time frame. The commencement of both the Rhythmic Gymnastics and the Rugby Sevens on day 9 of the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan proved just that.

A clear juxtaposition was created by the grace and true artistic nature of the sportswomen on the mat in Rhythmic gymnastics compared to that of the brute strength and toughness of the men and women in the Rugby Sevens.

“Although Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sports competition, you can see the grace of the gymnasts. They are true artists. We hope that it will really get your heart beating,” said Yoko Hasegawa, a FIG International Gymnastic Technical Delegate.

Young South African journalist Fabio De Domincis was fortunate enough to get a good look at the gymnastics before going to watch the men and women in the Rugby Sevens. The sports enthusiast enjoyed the opportunity to see two completely different sports in the one day, an opportunity only made possible because of his involvement in the Universiade.

“Today was actually the first time in my life that I have ever watched Rhythmic Gymnastics live and I was very impressed. The Rhythmic and the Rugby are two very different sports. I got to see the graceful, artistic and beautiful bodies taking part in the gymnastics and also saw some big tackles and amazing tries. To see the diversity of so many sports really is amazing,” the Young reporter said.


Thomas Dullard (AUS) – FISU Young Reporter