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30 April 2012 | in Other Events

International Fair Play Committee – Conference and General Assembly

Kolë Gjeloshaj (left), FISU Director of Educational Services and Mr. Jenö Kamuti President of the International Fair Play Committee On Friday, April 27th the Fair Play Conference took place in Budapest. FISU that is a partner of the International Fair Play Committee was represented by its Director of Educational Services, Kolë Gjeloshaj. For FISU, it was the opportunity to understand how both organisation may strengthen their cooperation.

 This Conference was one of the activities of the held during the week-end by the CIFP. Indeed, the day prior to the Conference, the official meeting of the CIFP council took place.

 The main theme was “Fair Play at the 21st Century”.

The conference programme was as follow:


- “Fair play today and tomorrow” by Jeno Kamuti, President CIFP.

- “Fair Play in the Olympic education” by Prof. Norbert Muller, Vice-President CIFP.

- “Mystery of Religion and Fair Play” by Ferenc Pal, Catholic priest.

- “Responsibility of the coach in the passing of fair Play” by Lazslo Cserhati, Hungarian coaching Association.

- “Politics and Fair Play at the Olympics” by Rezsö Gallo, sport journalist.

- “Fair play a better society” by Peter Farkas, Semmelweis University.

- “Fair Play promotion at the Youth Olympic Games” by Lisa Monarski, Classroom Champions Board of Directors.

- “Fight against match fixing and illegal gambling” by Friederich Stickler, President of European State Lotteries and Lotto Association.

- “Fair Play: a mark of humanity” Maurizio Monego, Council Member CIFP.

On the second the General Assembly of the International Committee for Fir Play was held. Mr. Jenö Kamuti, was re-elected President for another four years term. The GA was the opportunity to present the Fair Play Manifesto and also the Fair Play implementation handbook entitled “Fair Play, from an ideal to reality”.

On the same day took place the 2011 World Fair Play Award Ceremony.

It was also the opportunity for Kolë Gjeloshaj to meet with two members of the FISU Family representing Hungary, Ms. Gyongyi Foldesi, member of the CESU and Csaba Hedi member of the CIC.


(Source: Kolë Gjeloshaj)



Csaba Hedi, CIC Member, Ms. Gyongyi Foldesi, CESU Member and Kolë Gjeloshaj, FISU Director of Educational Services (from left to right)