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19 April 2021 | in NUSF News

UniSport Australia celebrates 100 years of university sport

Photo courtesy of UniSport Australia Even after 100 years, university sport in Australia is growing ever so rapidly with the Australian National University Sports Federation (NUSF), better known as UniSport Australia, now home to 43 tertiary institution members across the nation.


Known as the Australian University Sports Association (AUSA) 100 years ago, the federation was only composed of four member institutions. Having quadrupled their member numbers since, UniSport Australia today offers more than 40 sports in the Nationals and Leagues programmes, with competitions offered in men’s, women’s, mixed and open categories.


Joining FISU in 1967, Australia has also been host to past FISU World University Championships in sports such as windsurfing, table tennis, squash and sailing since 1994. In addition to consistent athlete participation and some hosting of events, many of their student athletes will compete at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games in 2021. UniSport has played a big role in making this possible for student-athletes, encouraging the pursuit of a dual career between studies and sport. The NUSF has also supported Olympic medallists Matt Denny (athletics), Cate Campbell (swimming) and Catherine Skinner (shooting)—just a few examples of student-athletes who successfully combined a high-level sporting career alongside their studies.


These are all reasons to celebrate 100 years of UniSport Australia this year, but this is just the beginning for the work and programmes of the NUSF. Still on schedule for 2021 is the University Basketball League (UBL), supported by Basketball Australia and eight participating universities, where all matches will be livestreamed. Also on the agenda is the expansion and second year of the UniMoves programme—a wellbeing initiative designed to promote active living for students and staff on campus.


UniSport Australia has come a long way since 1921, where 100 years later they are thriving and reaching new heights for university sport in Australia. They are not only keeping up with the ever-growing trends of university sport through a dual career and hosting high-level sporting competitions but have also used the University Sport Movement to encourage healthy living and active lifestyles on and off the playing field for years to come.


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