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14 December 2012 | in NUSF News

Olympic, World and European Champions participating at National University Championships in Hungary

The medal winner student-athletes of the London Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games, and the medallists of the 2012 World University Championships

BUDAPEST - In the last quarter of 2012 several national university sports events took place in Hungary. Besides talented young athletes Olympic-, World-, European and Universiade champions also honoured these championships with their participation. The most significant events were the swimming and judo national university championships, each with almost 200 participants, including famous athletes like swimmers Éva RISZTOV and László CSEH, paralympic swimmer Tamás SORS, judokas Abigél JOÓ and László CSOKNYAI. Besides these events the Hungarian Olympic Committee together with the Hungarian University Sports Federation awarded the medal winner student-athletes of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the medallists of the 2012 World University Championships.

Swimming National University Championships took place in the autumn semester of the 2012/2013 academic year. Swimming fans had the opportunity to greet the multiple Olympic silver medallist, world champion and triple Universiade gold medallist László CSEH, and 2012 Olympic champion in 10 km open water swimming Éva RISZTOV. Also participating were World and European champion Evelyn VERRASZTÓ and Paralympic gold and silver medallist Tamás SORS. The world-famous swimmers stood on the podium in almost all of the 17 events, worthy to the expectations.

Dr. Ádám KISS, HUSF president’s welcome speech

Another prestigious event of this period of the year was the National Judo Championship. With 174 participants representing 26 institutes of higher education it was the biggest Hungarian judo event in 2012, which started off with a real sports historical gala. The floor was given to Dr. Antal KOVÁCS, Hungary’s one and only judo Olympic champion so far, and Universiade bronze medallist and WUC silver medallist Barna BOR, who performed a spectacular show to the satisfaction of the audience. European champion Abigél JOÓ and Olympic team member László CSOKNYAI were also among the winners.

As a worthy closure of the year at the end of November the most successful student-athletes of 2012 (Olympic, Paralympic and WUC medallists) were awarded under solemn circumstances in the House of Hungarian Sports. Former Universiade and WUC winners as well as young athletes recently involved in higher education were also among the celebrated (London Olympic gold medallists Danuta KOZÁK in canoe sprint and Áron SZILÁGYI in fencing).


Former Universiade winner gymnast Krisztián BERKI has been awarded the title of “Student-Athlete of the year 2012” for his Olympic gold 2012, as well as Miklós UNGVÁRI, WUC judo gold medallist in 2005 for his Olympic silver medal won in London. Éva CSERNOVICZKI, Belgrade SU bronze medallist in judo and László CSEH, Shenzhen SU triple gold medallist swimmer finished third at the London Olympics. The awards were presented by dr. Zoltán MAGYAR (NOC vice-president, Olympic and Universiade champion gymnast) and HUSF president Dr. Ádám KISS.

At the end of the ceremony the 2011 SU gold medal of weightlifter Péter NAGY was presented to all participants. Péter officially finished second in Shenzhen, but after the positive doping test of the gold medal winner he became the new Universiade champion.


(Source: HUSF)