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27 November 2013 | in NUSF News

German NUSF adh elects New Chairman



BOCHUM - For the first time in history, the German University Sports Federation (adh) has a student chairman. Felix Arnold (Uni Göttingen) was recently elected chairman by the adh plenary assembly at Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Arnold is teacher trainee. In the next two years, he wants to expedite the change of structure inside the federation. In addition, the adh-members elected five more board members. Roland Joachim (HS Darmstadt) will lead the financial department two more years. Sebastian Sdrenka (TU Clausthal) was reelected for the competition desk.

New board members are: Jörg Förster (FU Berlin) for public relations and marketing, Moritz Mann (Uni Lüneburg) for the education department and Kirsten Stegemann (Uni Lüneburg) for equal opportunities and human resource development.

The new adh-board:

Felix Arnold (Uni Göttingen) - chairman

Roland Joachim (HS Darmstadt) - financial

Sebastian Sdrenka (TU Clausthal) - competition

Jörg Förster (FU Berlin) - public relations and marketing

Moritz Mann (Uni Lüneburg) - education

Kirsten Stegemann (Uni Lüneburg) - equal opportunities and human resource development

Paul Wedeleit – adh Secretary-General


(Source: adh)