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28 June 2020 | in NUSF News

From Committee to Federation; challenges for university sports in Niger

The FENISU/GE (Federation Nigerienne des Sports Universtaires et des Grandes Ecoles) was initially a committee created to manage sport activities and functioned in that capacity until 2012. The organisation became a federation on 26 January 2012, founded by Pr Habibou Abarchi, the former President of Abdou Moumouni University.

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“In the past decade, only few people were interested in sport and most of them were men,” says FENISU/GE President Omar Abdoulkarim rather frankly. “But some years after the creation of the federation, more people are now participating actively in university sports.”


Niger 1“Knowing the reality of less participation among girls, and in order to encourage their active participation, we include certain sports in our programme that we know girls practice the most for instance, athletics and basketball,” Abdoulkarim continues. “Moreover, in addition to the existing male teams, we ask every university to create female teams for collective sports.”


Every two years the FENISU/GE organises national university sport competitions. The federation president declares that “for sure, this is the biggest event in our federation’s calendar in the next two years. The most exciting thing is that it (the event) gathers all the nine universities and high schools of Niger and includes some traditional sports and performances like wrestling and dance.”


According to Omar Abdoulkarim, the best event in 2019 was ‘The Universiade’ that they held in Dosso, a region of Niger. “It was a way to raise awareness and sensitise more people, and that goal was achieved.”


“Something special about FENISU/GE is that it covers all kind of sports, and is not only a single sport organisation,” adds Abdoulkarim.


By: Binta Aoulata Boubacar Issa Cisse

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