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14 December 2016 | in Winter FISU World University Games, Multisports

Supervision Council of 2019 Winter Universiade Organising Committee meets



KRASNOYARSK – From 13 to 14 December, 2016, FISU President Oleg Matytsin visited Krasnoyarsk to take part in the meeting of the Supervision Council of the Executive Directorate of 2019 Winter Universiade.

The Supervision Council, chaired by the Minister of Sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov, assessed the work of the Directorate in 2016 and discussed planned activities for 2017. Maxim Urazov, head of the Executive Directorate, presented the main results that his team has managed to achieve this year. Progress has been made in almost all areas, including venues construction, volunteer and sports programmes. The members of the Supervision Council, including the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Victor Tolokonsky, Deputy Minister of Sports Natalia Parshikova and other prominent figures, unanimously approved the report, presented by the Directorate, and operational plans for next year.

Meeting of the Supervision Council

The meeting was preceeded by venues inspection, during which the members of the Council visited the ‘Platinum Arena’ ice venue, ‘Bobrovy Log’ snow park, the Biathlon Academy, the Academy of Winter Sports and other infrastructure facilities.

Speaking to the media, Oleg Matytsin shared his impressions on the Directorate’s work: “People are what really matters. In my opinion, the most important thing is to have a professional team. We are happy that the Directorate actively participates in the Observer programme, organised by FISU, carefully studies the experience of Olympic Games and Universiades. Part of the Directorate staff will join the Organising Committee of Almaty Universiade, there is a big volunteers training programme. All these activities will result in creating a competent team of people who know what to do and how to do it. This is what the Universiade’s ultimate success depends on.”

Venues Inspection were organised for the members of the Supervision Council

Pavel Kolobkov, the Minister of Sports of Russia, following the inspection, said that he was pleased with what he saw: “I watched the venues today and so far I have no worries about the timeline and preparation of the Universiade. The most interesting stage is about to begin – training of personnel and volunteers, development of transportation concept, ticketing programme will start soon. So, I will visit Krasnoyarsk more often.”

The next day, on 14 December, FISU President was invited to deliver an open lecture to the students of Russian federal universities in the framework of the educational forum ‘Towards the Universiade’, hosted by the Siberian Federal University. Mr Matytsin shared his vision about the development of university sports worldwide and introduced new FISU projects to be launched next year, including the FISU Volunteers Academy in Kazan.