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16 October 2017 | in Multisports, Winter FISU World University Games

FISU Delegation arrives in Krasnoyarsk for 2019 WU Inspection Visit



KRASNOYARSK – A FISU delegation, as part of the International Technical Committee (CTI) and Winter Universiade Supervision Committee (CSU), has arrived in Krasnoyarsk for an inspection visit.


The main purposes of the visit are to inspect the venues for compliance with the international requirements for holding sports competitions which are included in the Winter Universiade 2019 programme and an assessment of the key preparation areas. Apart from that, FISU representatives need to approve a number of important documents: the Winter Universiade 2019 sports programme, the schedule of test events and a list of the equipment required for the venues.


The visit will trigger a new stage in the preparation for the 29th Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk.

The delegates will visit sports venues involved during the competitions period and will conduct detailed analysis, meet the venue managers, discuss the services rendered during the Games: Accreditation, Food and Beverage, Accommodation, Transportation, Ceremonies and others. Every functional area will be evaluated by a specialist who has an experience of holding international events.


 Roger Roth


“Generally, the sports programme is a key element in organizing the Games. However, the preparation of sports venues, which will host the competitions, is the most important item to us now. Everything should be prepared at the highest possible level, so the athletes can show their best results,” said the Chairman of the FISU International Technical Committee Roger Roth. “I believe that all participants of the Games wish to discover Siberia, which is known for its unique, ‘real’ winter, as well as the kindness and friendliness of the inhabitants of the territory. I consider that the Winter Universiade 2019 will be the best Universiade ever held, and will become a very positive experience for all guests and participants. I would point out that the Winter Universiade 2019 is definitely worth visiting.”


CSU representatives will visit Krasnoyarsk for the first time and start inspecting future sports venues of the Games on Thursday, 19 October. FISU representatives will visit both completed venues and those which are still under construction. The visit programme includes seeing ‘Arena. Sever’ Ice Palace, Multi-purpose Complex ‘Biathlon Academy’, Ice Stadium ‘Yenisei’ and other venues.


At the end of the working meetings, FISU technical delegates will present reports which will indicate the venues’ readiness and their compliance with the sports requirements, and will also include developed recommendations for the further preparation for Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk.


Maxim Urazov


“We are committed to effective joint work. Our colleagues will share their experience and knowledge for the successful preparation of the Winter Universiade 2019. A number of issues regarding the sports programme, medical care, venues construction, organization of services for the participants of the Games and other areas are to be discussed. I am confident, that through our joint efforts we will be able to hold the Games at the highest level,” the Director General of the WU2019 Executive Directorate Maxim Urazov emphasized at the end of the plenary session with FISU representatives.


It should be noted that for the whole period of preparation for the 29th Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019, the FISU Delegation has completed 9 inspection visits which main purpose is monitoring the preparation process of holding Winter Universiade 2019.



(Source: Krasnoyarsk 2019 OC)