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25 October 2013 | in Winter Universiade, Multisports

CTI Visit in Granada ends


Pablo Gomez (OC Granada Technical Director), David Cabello (CEO OC Granada 2015 & FISU EC member), Aurelio Ureña (President OC Granada in 2015), Roger Roth (CTI-W Chair) Robert Philip (CTI-W Vice-Chair), Milan Augustin (Director WU)

GRANADA – Today, 25 October, the third and final day of the CTI-W inspection visit (International Technical Committee for the Winter Universiade) began with a wrap-up meeting held in the Granada Congress Palace, in the presence of the Organization Committee of the 27th Winter Universiade, represented by Aurelio Ureña, OC President of Granada 2015; David Cabello, CEO of Granada 2015 and member of the FISU Executive Committee and Pablo Gomez, CTO of Granada 2015. The meeting began with an introductory speech by Roger Roth, CTI-W Chair. All FISU technical delegates and Medical Committee Vice-President Dusan Hamar then gave their first impressions and comments and expressed their satisfaction with the inspection visits and the communicated their expectations for the next stage of the preparations.

The FISU Technical Delegates

In conclusion, Roger Roth and Milan Augustin thanked the FISU technical delegates for the work done during theses three days and informed them about a number of important upcoming dates in the frame of the 2015 Winter Universiade preparations (CSU Inspection an Heads of Delegation meeting).


(Source: David Vandenplas, Assistant Media)