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27 July 2009 | in Meetings, CUSF News

ODUCC/ODUPA recruits New Members for FISU

ODUCC Secretary-General Guno Rudge and the Head of Student Affairs of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname

During the Universiade in Belgrade, the delegates from the members of the Continental Federation ODUPA (Organización de Deporte Universitario

Panamericano) as well as of the Regional Federation ODUCC (Organización Deportivo Universitario de Centroamerica y del Caraibe) met several times for formal and informal meetings. Guno Rudge from the Netherlands Antilles and Ron E. Harrigan (Virgin Islands) were mandated to get in touch with several countries of the Caribbean in order to become member of ODUCC and ODUPA. This basis would be the first step for a future membership in FISU.

Guno Rudge, Secretary-General of ODUCC, paid a first visit to Suriname, located at the North Coast of South America with a population of 500,000 inhabitants. The capital of the former colony of the Netherlands is Paramaribo. Since 1975 Suriname is an independent country. Guno Rudge met with authorities from the Anton de Kom University of Suriname in order to finalize all the necessary paperwork which is needed to apply for FISU membership. With the University Federation they are working on a Forum, which should be organized next year especially for the countries of the Caribbean. Guno Rudge will now continue his road show to Guyana, followed by Trinidad and Tobago.