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30 April 2014 | in Meetings

Meeting of the FISU Medical Committee in Porto / 23-26 April

The Medical Committee chaired by Lawrence Rink

The members of the FISU Medical Committee gathered in Porto from 23 to 26 April 2014. Dr. Carlos Magalhães (POR), FISU Medical Committee member, warmly welcomed the FISU members who have enjoyed an exceptional surrounding during their stay in Porto. FISU President, Claude-Louis Gallien, also attended the event during which he demonstrated his continued support to the work undertaken by this important committee chaired by Dr. Lawrence D. Rink (USA). He also briefly explained what he would like from the FISU Medical Committee going forward.

The FISU Medical Committee was a great success thanks to the strong support and involvement of FADU’s President, Filipa Godinho and Secretary General, Manuel Veloso. Other important parties included the University of Porto with its Rector, Prof. Doutor José Marques dos Santos, the Football Club of Porto with its President, Mr. Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa and the Portuguese Northern Regional Society of Doctors with its President, Dr. Miguel Guimarães.

It should be noted that the Secretary of State for Sport and Youth, Dr. Emídio Guerreiro, made the trip to Porto to meet with the FISU representatives.

During their two and a half day meeting, the Medical Committee members discussed the medical services and doping control in regard to the FISU competitions (Universiades and World University Championships), the continuity of the “check up your heart” project in the next Summer Universiade in Gwangju, FISU’s compliance with the 2015 WADA Code, the update in the number of anti-doping tests for the WUCs, the launching of an anti-doping e-textbook (part of the 2015 SU Gwangju Legacy programme) and the review of the FISU Medical Services and Doping control Minimum Requirements for the Winter and Summer Universiades and World University Championships. Also, during the meeting, FISU welcomed speakers from the University of Porto and FC Porto to make presentations on their activities.


It is important to note that FADU, as one of FISU’s very active Member Association, will host two World University Championships this year: WUC Beach Volleyball (Porto) and WUC Handball (Guimarães).


Caroline Feyaerts, General Office Manager


Prof. José Marques dos Santos – Rector of Porto University (left) with Claude Louis Gallien, FISU President and Lawrence Rink together with all the CM Members, Filipa Godinho, FADU President and Prof. Manuel Janeira – Vice Rector